The French Revelation MarIa hoskins

The peasants started to protest against the other estates. They were tired of the upper estates raising the taxes, they were the only ones paying and didn't think it was fair. The estates held a meeting to discuss their money problem, the first and second estates decided to just raise the taxes again. The third estimate disagreed with this idea, but the other estates didn't care. After the third estate left for a break they got locked out of the meeting room. The other two estates finished the meeting without them.

The third estate held their own meeting and decided to take a stand against the other two estates. They broke out prisoners and started to riot. Enraged by the new tax prices. They barely had any money to pay the taxes since the crops weren't growing thanks to the weather conditions. So they weren't making money nor did they have any food to eat.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a military and political leader. In my opinion I think any man in tights is a villain (for the most part) but hey he was a hero to a lot of people. I can't take that away from him. He fought for his country (probably something else too). But he was a villain to a lot more other people. He went to war with other countries and defeated and imprisoned them. I'm not one to say if he was a good or bad guy, and I don't think I could decide if I needed too. But I think he had his good and bad days.

Other countries feared France, for the simple reason being that Napoleon Bonaparte was the military leader. Napoleon was a man you wouldn't want to face in a battle. He had the brain and skill to win almost any war him and his army entered. Other countries went into war thinking that if they beat the famous Napoleon Bonaparte their names would go down in history.

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