Climate Change: Responsibility Must be Shared by All Jordan R. Aiyanna S. Sumone S. Daydreanna T.

What is climate change?

Climate change is any significant shift in rainfall, temperature, wind, and any other environmental factors that occur over decades or more.

How does climate change affect different regions of the world?

Climate change affects different regions in different ways, but it does affect them all, none the less.


  • The drought in California that has left many people without water and others with a shortage of water. This problem is not getting any better and has been building for a while.
  • China has been affected leaving risks of flooding, extreme weather, and food and water scarcity.
  • Polar Ice Caps Melting
  • Many poverty stricken countries don’t have a natural disaster plan.
  • The tax would help all countries as a whole, to help fix and ensure that climate change will decrease tremendously.

Who is vulnerable to climate change?


"Poverty is important in determining vulnerability to climate change."


  • The country of Tuvalu, a small island in the Pacific
  • Hurricane Sandy in 2012
  • Nigeria


"Plants and animals are generally shifting their habitat ranges either towards the North and South Poles or towards higher altitudes to avoid warming temperatures."


  • Moths on Mount Kinabalu in Borneo

Who is responsible for climate change?

  • “Developing countries… are historically least responsible for the emissions that result in climate change, but most vulnerable to its impact.” -Jessica Ayers
  • 48 poorest countries in the world often experience the greatest effects of climate change
  • Most complicated question is: Should those who emitted more greenhouse gas bear more responsibility and take on more of the cost of dealing with climate change’s effects?
  • According to the Union of Concerned Scientist, gas companies such as Chevron, BP, Exxon Mobile and Shell are the main companies responsible for climate change. (investor owned)
  • Tax wealthier countries because they pollute the most.
  • Green taxes are excise taxes on environmental pollutants or on goods whose use produces such pollutants.

How could the international community respond to climate change in a fair and effective way?

  • People can prepare themselves as they are warned.
  • People in poverty does not have such a great advantage as those that are not in poverty.
  • Provide more programs, to help with funding for safe homes in different areas, food, and any of the necessities.

"We are all in this problem together, and we must all do our part in reducing emissions."

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