Food and Feasts Shakespeare Period by jared chamberlin

About Food and Feasts

During the Shakespeare period people generally ate two times a day and people would eat breakfast between 11 and noon and dinner from 6 to 9.

The types of silverware and dishes were used by the upper class were wight linen , a table cloth, a drinking vessel , a silver knife and spoon a wooden plate and bowl, with a line napkin. the lower classes did not have the luxury of the upper classes.

During a banquet the foods that would be served for meat are veal and capons , vegetables that would be served are Radishes and Artichokes , and for fruit at the end of the course could be fruit tarts and marmalades

At the banquet the cooking would be done by a chef that would be hired by the king and the kings servants would be serving the food to the guess. At some banquets there could be up to 10 courses served with 6 meals. Depending on how wealthy the host of the banquet is depends on how many courses there will be. The more wealthy an host is the more courses there will be.


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