How do we Memorize things? the process of memorizing and forgetting

Memory involves not only the brain but also other body parts like our eyes. Memorising something in a pictorial form is a lot easier than memorising words. A human brain is most likely to forget thoughts like phone numbers are stored in the short term memory . If a person starts forgetting thoughts in the long term memory he could probably be diagnosed with Amnesia or Alzheimer's. If you try to think back in the past and recall how you were born you cannot! We can't remember being born.

This is a human brain. It is divided into two parts short term memory and long term memory.

Process of Memorising

Scientific reasoning for memorising

Memory is an ongoing process in the brain. It is a mental record of our past. Our brain decides which information to remember.If our brain remembered every single thing in our lives it would have been overloaded with thoughts. So there are two types of memories-short term memory and long term memory. After our brain has stored the memory it double checks if the information is useful. The memory that is not so useful is moved to the short term memory . The minimum power of a short term memory can be 20-30 seconds. Fortunately , humans have an indefinite amount of long term memory.

This is a diagram of the process of memorising and forgetting.

The Process of Forgetting

How do we forget stuff?

Memory is the most powerful tool of a human mind. A human being can remember everything but sometimes when their long term memory is transferred to their short term memory they might forget. Forgetting a date or a phone number is very common. A human brain best remembers things when it is represented to it in a pictorial form. For example, we can easily remember drawings and pictures. These pictures are mostly stored in the long term memory. Another way to memorize easily is to organize information methodically. Any other forms are most likely to be forgotten by the human brain.

Causes and Effects of Alzheimer

What exactly is Alzheimer's?

Memory loss is also called Alzheimer’s. It is a physical disease that affects the brain. There can be a disease called Dementia which is caused because of Alzheimer’s. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s yet. A psychiatrist is a doctor for Alzheimer’s. People above 65 have chances to have alzheimer. There are certain symptoms of this disease. Experts believe that “ Memory is far more complex and elusive than everyone thought.” Which means they are now trying to understand why is Alzheimer’s caused. There is no certain cause of Alzheimer’s. But its effect can be very harmful on our memory. Some people can also have short term memory loss in which their memory comes back after a certain period of time.

Our Memory when we are Young

What all can we remember when we are young?

Experts say that babies react the way an Amnesia patient would. Amnesia is a short term memory loss. It is said that kids have a sharper memory than adults. But babies can’t remember being born because their brain’s main focus is to learn a language. Babies learn new things every moment of their lives. So their brain is set to do that when they are born. For example, you starting to speak in a language in which your parents speak. This all to us is like a reflex action now . But it actually is a very long process which almost takes a year.

Just to Recall...

You might have heard people say ‘That's the way I remember things.’ Your brains have different ways to remember. It becomes easier if you remember the way your brain is convenient with. Otherwise you can forget it. People are most likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Amnesia after the age of 65. We can’t remember being born. No one can remember how they were born !

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