2017 Westplex Great Food & Drinks Challenge & Expo

September 2017

It was early December 2016. And live on the most-listened to morning show in St. Charles, Lincoln & Warren counties, The Morning Hangover on 100.7 The Viper, a caller asked for the hosts to recommend a few eating establishments with incredible food. The kind of place that you would WANT to bring your out-of-town guests to, BECAUSE THE FOOD IS AMAZING! Well, sadly, multiple calls from listeners in addition to the hosts opinions weren't even providing the basics for the best places in St. Charles, Lincoln & Warren counties.


The Morning Hangover/100.7 The Viper are launching an event that will have A MAJOR IMPACT on any business serving food & drinks.

The Information:

1. What do you serve or make that could probably get 1st place in a contest. It's JUST THAT GOOD!

2. You, or your chef, will come in studio and prepare your winning dish. It will air on 100.7 The Viper in prime time and then a separate video of the recipe will hit social media.

3. Get your message and story prepared, as you will have a marketing campaign (that you help design) for your business airing several times daily on 100.7 The Viper + Social Media

Finally, is a great food & Drink Festival/Expo, to be held outdoors in St. Charles County

Talk about your options with DC now at 636-219-8795

There are MULTIPLE budgets, that we will help you with, to see the impact of the campaign designed for locals to help image restaurants and bars as high quality as any establishments in St. Louis!

Call 636-219-8795 anytime!

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