From dawn until dusk. Biochemistry in the day of one busy nurse

Annie's day begins at 6am. After a strong, black, extra hot cup of coffee, Annie hops on the elliptical in her basement in hopes of squeezing in a quick workout before her toddler, Miles, asks for breakfast. Annie hasn't eaten since the cereal she snacked on before bed, but she doesn't like to work out on a full stomach.

So stored glucose can help to fuel Annie's workout, but just how do her cells use this glucose to make ATP?

When Annie comes back upstairs following her workout, Miles is awake and asking for eggs. She watches as the egg whites change from clear to white, and plops the cooked eggs onto two plates. She and Miles scarf down their eggs before rushing out the door.

Gimme a break! After dropping off Miles at daycare, Annie spends her morning in the OR. By the end of her first case, she's hungry, her blood sugar is dropping, and she needs a break, Her lunch hour is still a few hours away. She grabs a KitKat bar, figuring the sugar will help her to make it until lunch.

After a busy day at work, Miles and Annie settle in and make it to the favorite part of their day - story time! Annie loves this time with Miles, and as he snuggles on her lap she studies his sweet, expressive face. He reminds her so much of Annie's father. Both have wide eyes and a prominent widows peak.


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