Nordic or U.S. By: ashaiya hoodye

Some of the main governments in the Nordic states are Unitary state, Federacy, Parliamentary republic, Monarchy, and Representative democracy. The types of government in America are Liberal democracy, Federal republic, Presidential system, and constitutional republic.


The Nordic states have a mixed economic system which means that the government tries to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. The redistribution of taxes and many other things like free healthcare and college, sometimes even being paid to go to college. The people put a lot of trust in their government but the government does try to preserve the benefits of capitalism. in conclusion i would say that the government is a big help for the people and does give them a lot of assistance unlike in America. America has a capitalist economy which means that most people don't get the same help here as they would in the Nordic states. "The American Dream" is something many people strive for but it's very hard to get and that is what the U.S. is all about. The people in the U.S. believe that you must work for everything you have and so the government really has no part in that so essentially it's each persons for themselves, "Dog Eat Dog," type system, "Sink Or Swim."

The average amount of taxation for the Nordic states is about 50.65% which is a very high tax rate because compared to the U.S. the tax rate is about 39.6%. These tax rates differ so much though because the U.S. doesn't give as much government "assistance" as the nordic states do so the government doesn't need as much tax money for their people as the Nordic states would because of all of their government "assistance" paid by the peoples taxes.

The Nordic states and the U.S. each have very good education rankings both ranking with 5.9. this means that each see to it that education is important and that it is one of their main focuses, so much so that in the Nordic states they pay some of their college attendees a monthly payment. In the U.S. it is different, education is so important because the less education you have, the less money you are going to be able to make and the less job opportunities that you will have.

in the Nordic states the government offers free healthcare and in the U.S. the government offers a bit of government assistance like government housing and unemployment checks. also the Nordic states offer free college education but still keeps the competition.

3 pros for the Nordic states are the free college education, the free healthcare, and the free childcare which many people need. 3 cons are the extremely high taxes, the long waiting list for doctors appointments and the fact that if you want better healthcare you have to pay 2x because you're paying taxes and for private healthcare. 3 pros for U.S. is you earn everything that you get it's never given to you, if you own it it's your the government has no say and no part, your money belongs to you and no one else. 3 cons are that it's sometimes hard to be successful, college schooling is very expensive and if you're poor it's very hard to live well.

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