Bangladesh Racheal, halle, and olivia

Located- Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India
Climate- tropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); humid, warm rainy monsoon (June to October)
President- Abdul Hamid is the President of Bangladesh, in office since 2013. Previously he served as the Speaker of the National Parliament from January 2009 to April 2013.
The borders of modern Bangladesh was established with the partition of Bengal and India in August 1947. When the region became East Pakistan as a part of the newly formed state of Pakistan it separated from west Pakistan to the Indian territory and created political and ethnic discrimination which then led to the war of Independence in 1971.
Population- 156,186,882 people.
Total area- 148,460 sq km
89.1% of the people are muslims
Waros- The Indo- Pakistani War//of 1971 was a military confrontation between India and Pakistan that occurred during the liberation war in East Pakistan, from 3 December 1971 to the Fall of Dhaka on 16 December 1971. It started by strikes on 11 Indian air stations. It lasted 13 days. One of the most shortest wars in history.

Religious beliefs- Islam is a part of everyday life in all parts of the country, and nearly every village has at least a small mosque and an imam (cleric). Prayer is supposed to be performed five times daily. Friday afternoon prayer is often the only time that mosques become crowded. (1)

Throughout the country there is a belief in spirits that inhabit natural spaces such as trees, hollows, and riverbanks. These beliefs are derided by Islamic religious authorities. Bangladeshi Hindus pay particular attention to the female goddess Durga (2)

Women Clothing- Women wear sarees or shalwar kameeses. Some cover their heads and some cover their faces. Some wear all black and some wear all color.
Men clothing- The traditional dress for men is a lungi

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