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Reason for Founding

Reason For Founding

The middle colonies were founded mainly for religious freedom. Quakers were often persecuted in England so when they went to the New World they were able to start a new life of freedom. England also wanted to expand there territory in the New World. There were also more trade routes and it was easy for people to get rich.



The middle colonies had cold winters, but hot summers and long growing seasons. This made it easier to grow crops so that the colonists wouldn't starve when winter would come around.

Natural Resources

Farming was big in the Middle Colonies because of the rich soil. With rich soil the colonists were able to farm and grow crops.


There were also forests in the middle colonies along with deep harbors and rivers.


Natural Resources

In the middle colonies there were mining caves with goods like coal, copper, minerals, and iron


In the middle colonies many thing built up the economy. Like shipping and trading, lumbering, farming, mining, trapping, and sailing. There are also merchants who run stores and businesses. The Middle colonies were often called the breadbasket colony because they produced so much wheat.

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was signed in Congress. July 4, 1776. The people of the colonies were demanding freedom from the British. So they created the document and became America, a free country.

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