trash Nicholas Badeau

Around the age of 7 I became a boy scout, like many other boys my age I didn't know what is was getting into. All I wanted to do was be outside and in the woods, after countless meeting with my group of about 15 other boys doing nothing but weird challenges to get patches( got about 1 my whole life).

On a cool fall day sometime in 2010 when the leaves were changing and mostly on the ground an opportunity arose to do something outside, something fun. At first glance, I wanted to be there so badly that's all I could think about. Eventually, when this day arrived I was so excited I could barely bare the wait.

I woke up that morning and put on my outfit got in the car so happy to know I was going to do something outside. Eventually, I arrived at a spot along a highway with the rest of my group, everyone seemed like they didn't want to be there. The thing was they all knew that we were going to clean up the side of a highway, I didn't see what was so bad about it because we were outside and i felt like it was going to be so much fun.

As the day started we picked up trash for a few hours, I was so miserable all I wanted to do was leave. The emotions around the highway were completely mellow, no one was joking around or laughing everyone was just completely miserable. By then end of the day I wanted nothing to do with this environmental help and wanted to be at home.

Once we had finished we left and I was happy it was over. On the way home I realized what I had done for the environment, a once polluted and trashed highway is now a clean and beautiful area to drive by.

As the drive continued I had past some areas where we had not cleaned and I thought to myself how terrible it looks compared to the clean one, and that's where it hit me i had used my time to better the environment and better myself as a human being.

It wasn't fun but it in the end it was all worth it because everyone who drove by each time had a nice place to look at and I knew that I had made a difference. The environment is very vulnerable thing in this world that can be changed so easily and knowing that even the slighted bit of help that I contributed cleaning up the highway makes a much bigger difference to the future generations to come.

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