Trench Life By Kalob H. worm

If you were involved in WW1 you were more than likely working in trenches for most of the days. Conditions were usually really poor with many born diseases.

Trench foot was one of the most common because of the moist conditions.

The Trenches were infested by many animals that could also cause diseases

Brown and black rats infested the trenches

Typically, a battalion would be expected to serve a certain amount of time in the front line. This would be followed by a allotted amount spent in support, and then in reserve lines. A period of rest would follow short in duration - before the whole cycle of trench duty would start afresh.

Trenches were cluttered and were filled with many people going through and running.

Before the day started troops were expected to have a stand to where they would go on the fire step and watch out for enemy forces. A fire step was a little divot where they could pop their head out and get many shots off without being shot unless it was a shot to the head.

Troops didn't just fight they also had to do chores. Some of the chores consisted of filling bags of sand because they were shot and broke. Men would also have to clean the trenches out by hand because of the wet and muddy conditions making it miserable and not ideal.

As you can see these trenches were horrific and very muddy

Patrols would often be sent out into No Mans Land. No mans land was land that is unoccupied or is under dispute between parties who leave it unoccupied due to fear or uncertainty. Troops would go to listening posts and try and hear information that is valuable to them, they were almost like spys. This was not an easy job because sometimes enemy forces would meet and they had to choose to either run or fight hand to hand. They could not use guns because they were both afraid of attracting their enemy

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