Where I Have Been HArley gomez

My dearest son to tell you where i have been id have to tell you what battles i have succeeded in. After we beat the Trojans with our beautiful horse we ran into the Circones,ruthless men who destroyed our ship and took the lives of men who were by my side. When we were able to leave we found some land that we were able to rest on that had beautiful flowers that tasted pretty good but made us forget where we were. Once we remembered what we were trying to go we left and found Poseidon's son/cyclops. He tore our men limb for limb as I watched but me and the few that survived stabbed his eye so he'd let us out. on our goings we stopped at the island of aeolia the wind god. he gave us a bag of wind capable of getting us home but my men opened the bag in my sleep and brought us among the laestrygonians the man eating people. Circe was an nymph that was a great host while i didn't have a ship. I saw your grandmother at the land of the dead while i met Teiresias.the sirens are beautiful but deadly because they make a terrible sound. charybdis what a three headed monster that ate 6 of my best men. Scylla was the monster of the sea he destroyed my ship. The Thinkakia island is the island of the sun god that is where my men ate the lords cattle and he punished us by killing my men. Calypso is an enchantress who turned most of my men into animals and took them to her house. That brings me back to you here in Ithaca my home.


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