The Place That Always Interested Me by:alex biller

Some people been telling me that japan is not a place to be at because of how strict it can be and that some of it's culture is so terrible but i always love how much the features look and i like learning a bit of their langue. Some of their food looks so good but in never tasted it other than Ramen noodles, i also have seen some of the cosplay conventions they have have and some of the people are just so talented that it makes me want to buy a basic costume and edited it to my liking and then show how creative i am. Some of their music is so peaceful and soothing that it makes me wanna either sleep or draw things anime related, I can't stop thinking or day dreaming about me being there and having the time of my life. Another thing that i love about japan is their Anime shows that they show there because it'll give me the more rang and ability to draw more detailed and start making my own manga. I also like some of the cars that japan has there because it also falls under the creative side of me, i just cant over how much japan looks in my head, i like the design o some of the cars and like how they make some of them glow at the bottom of the cars. The last thing i wanted to say about the reason why i wanted to go to japan is because of some of the traditions that japan hosted before, a very large group of people gather together and have a the time of their lives when they are together socializing together.
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Alexander Biller


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