Energy! By: Jackson Ramirez

Kinetic and Potential Energy

This rocket has kinetic energy because it is moving.

Kinetic energy is the energy of movement. So when something like a rocket is soaring through the sky, it has kinetic energy because it is moving. Potential energy is stored energy. So when a dog is sitting down and is about to get up and run it has potential energy.

This car has potential energy because it is not moving yet.

Thermal Energy and Thermal Energy Transfer

This has thermal energy because it is hot.

Thermal energy is heat energy. That means if something is warm it has thermal energy. Everything has energy because everything is warm even if it doesn't feel like it. The cold just means that something is not very warm. Thermal energy happens when something like the heat from a fire is touching a marshmallow and heats it up and it starts to brown and melt. It heats up your hair and could even catch it on fire. It happens because something that's hot touches something that is colder so it transfers its heat.

This is thermal energy transfer because the heat from the fire is transferring to the marshmallow.

Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

This is conduction because his hands are touching the hot coffee which makes his hands warm.

Conduction is when something like your hand touches hot coffee and the longer you hold the coffee the hotter your hands get because the coffee is transferring its heat to your hands. Conduction is when 2 things that are different temperatures like hot and cold. The hot object transfers its heat to the colder object until they are the same temperature. Convection is like when a fan is turned on the hot air rises and the cold air takes the place of the hot air because they mix. Radiation is like the Sun and electromagnetic waves come from the Sun and bounce off the Earth, absorb into the Earth, or pass through the Earth.

Electromagnetic waves come off from the Sun and heat things on the Earth.
When the fan turns on the hot air rises and the cold air sinks to where the hot air was.
This is my groups solar oven. We put aluminum foil on the flaps of the box and on the bottom. We cut out windows and put black paper on 3 of them and a piece on the bottom before the aluminum foil. In the 4th window we put plastic wrap so sunlight could come in through it. We made a door out of Popsicle sticks and plastic wrap. On our final test it got up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

This video tells you about the different types of energy like potential energy and kinetic energy.


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