Sad and happy things

Sal lived in Bybanks, Kentucky with her mother and father. Sal's mom was going to have a baby but a couple minutes before birth the umbilical cord strangled the baby to death. The mother left saying she just needed a little time to think of what happend. But she died when her bus went off the road and down a mountain in Lewiston, Idaho. Sal and her father moved to Euclid, Ohio because the father said he was seeing his wife everywhere in Bybanks so Sal and her father left and met the Winterbottom family.

The Winterbottoms are Phoebe, Mr.Winterbotom, Mrs.Winterbotom,Prudence and Mike. One day Phoebe's mother leaves mysteriously and Phoebe starts freaking out and says her mother was kidnapped. She later goes to the police chief and finds out his son is the lunatic that she saw and the lunatic might have her mother. When she goes home a couple days pass when she sees her mom with the lunatic. They walk in the front door, Mr.Winterbottom is trying not to be mad. The mother says that the lunatic is her son. Phoebe and Sal leave the room beacause Phoebe is not ready for her brother just yet. Phoebe does get used to with this and she is fine. Sal goes back to Bybanks with her father. About a month passes and her friends, Phoebe and Ben come over to have fun at her house for a few days. And all's well ends well.


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