Brenda Marie Osbey BY:ramses-amon e. osbey

Who Is Brenda Marie Osbey?

  • By contrast, books, storytelling, and creativity were central elements in the Osbey household, a fact that reinforced her attachment to home and family.
  • Brenda Marie Osbey is a poet whose work foregrounds the people, history, and atmosphere of her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • From her birthplace of New Orleans, Brenda's influence from the city and her family centralize on her poetry.
  • Brenda's mother Lois Osbey taught her how to read and write well before the first grade giving her the interest for books and knowledge which lead to her life as a poet.
  • Brenda's family consist of Lois and Lawrence Osbey, they had divorced and Lawrence married Almeda Bethley and had two kids Dexter and Derrick Osbey, losing connection with her father's side of the family she had never met her younger bothers resulting in her hard life in her poetry.


our lady of the sidewalks

our lady of sorrows and sadnesses

our lady of dudes and dicks and pricks

our lady of lost and found and forgotten

our lady of boys shot down in the dark


sorrows and sadnesses

dudes and dicks

found and forgotten

Tone: Feminism, Proud

Mood: Facetious, Empowered

My Opinion

Brenda Marie Osbey is a great poet. The way she exerts her feelings in her past and present life takes poetry to another extent of power in words. She makes one line of poetry seem like a thousand words and meanings. I chose Brenda because she is my aunt and has a very interesting backstory that i didnt know about, her and my father had some difficulties with resulted into me never meeting her nor having any communication with her. I identify Brenda Marie Osbey as a great poet,empowered independent black woman so strives for greatness.

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