Ancient Africa luis escareno-garcia

Ghana is a tropical city in Africa. It has a lot of rain forest. The main religion is Christian where it is 41% of the population and 25% muslim. Slaves were traded for salt from arabian traders. Became the leaders of the trans-saharan trade network. capital was Koumbi Saleh. Sonike and Mande were the many languages spoken. Islam spread quickly. Ghana is a representative democratic republic. the president is head of state and head of goverment.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in africa and is a little bit smaller than california. most people in zimbabwe are roman protestants. right now there are about one million roman catholics in zimbawe. save trading in zimbabwe was mainly due to arabs that came into zimbabwe to capture slaves. mainly from africa to arab countries. zimbabwe didn't rely on gold and salt as much as the other african countries but on cattle and crops.

the empire was found by cecil john rhodes. dancing is important in zimbabwe culture. zimbabwe has widespread poverty and a 95% poverty rate.

Ancient mali was dry and mostly desert. the main religion is Islam since most of the population is muslim. the first slaves were captured by arabs in the 700s and then europeans captured slaves in the 1500s. like many of the other African empires mali became rich from there salt and gold trade. sundiata was the founder of the of the kingdom but the most famous leader was mansa musa. he was also thought to be the richest person ever with a net worth of 400 billion.

the people of mali used there culture to further expand there territory. today in mali there is a lot of on going war.

songhai is mainly desert like many others of the western african kingdoms. islam was introduced to songhai in the 1000s. slaves were as important as gold and salt to the songhai kingdom. bc they were the main sources of income for the songhai empire. sonni ali was the founder of of the songhai empire.

the culture of songhai was a mix of islam and daily life.


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