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We exist to help officers find employment and to provide advice and financial support to relieve hardship amongst those who have held a commission in the Armed Forces, their families and dependants.


We understand officers and their value

5,425 registered to use OA services

We are dedicated to providing them with tailored support

1,125 one to one career consultations and CV reviews delivered

We unlock their unique skills and abilities to drive business forward

Over 1,100 jobs posted onto the OA Executive Jobs Board
"I initially attended the OA Officers’ Careers Forum, and this gave me a great perspective on what jobs were out there, particularly beyond the standard consulting, insurance, and finance roles." - Jake Barker, ex-Army officer

Gemma's Story

Gemma Jones was an Acting Lieutenant Commander and is now a Military Recruiter for Amazon.

"My career consultation really helped me to improve my CV.”

Gemma was the Gunnery Officer on HMS Brocklesby during the Arab Spring, and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan as a Cultural Specialist for Camp Bastion. She left the Royal Navy because she wanted a more flexible approach to work, especially as a mother of two young children and with a husband who is often away at sea.

After registering with the OA, Gemma accessed the Executive Jobs Board, watched several webinars and had a one to one career consultation. She also attended several open days promoted by the OA, including at Deloitte and Barclays.

After a short resettlement period, Gemma was successful at interview at Amazon and is taking up her new role as Amazon’s UK Military Recruiter.

Engaging with employers helps us to build career opportunities for officers.

Highlighting the benefits veterans can bring to an organisation helps employers make the business case for recruiting from the UK’s military talent pool.

In the longer term, these benefits enable employers to build internal military recruitment programmes that allow veterans to succeed in the civilian work place.


We believe those who have served, and their families, should have someone who understands their background and individual needs

We managed 15,848 interventions with former officers and their families; calls, enquiries and contact and reached 2,729 people

We provide practical guidance and emotional support through difficult times

185 people were supported with home repair and maintenance grants to make their homes warm and safe

We maximise the help available to beneficiaries to improve their lives

£302k in funding from co-operation with other charities

Wayne’s Story

Sharon served her country and always cared for people. When she died, her husband was left to raise their young son. This is his story.

Wayne met Sharon in 1998 at the hospital where they both worked and they were engaged within three months. Wayne, aged 49 and living in Aldershot, Hampshire, described Sharon as an “Extremely enthusiastic and happy sort of person – it was full on or nothing – and very smart.”


Sharon was a qualified NHS nurse when she joined QARANC (Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps) in 1999 as a commissioned officer. She was an intensive care unit and theatre nurse, rising to the rank of Captain. Her military career included several tours of Kosovo and going to Africa as part of an ongoing medical aid team to tackle malaria. After serving for nine years, Sharon left the Army and worked in a GP practice.


In 2011 Sharon suffered an accidental head injury at home and died as a result of her injuries.

Wayne said “It was the worst day of my life. This isn’t fair at all – a caring person who served her country and looked after people, why has this happened? How are we going to cope?”

In addition to his grief, Wayne faced being left as a lone parent and having a reduced household income.


We initially helped Wayne with a contribution towards the funeral costs. We subsequently provided additional grants to help him and his son with living expenses. Wayne also knows that he is able to contact the OA for advice and guidance.


The OA’s impact on Wayne’s life has been significant.

Wayne said: “Life is much better through the help and support of the OA. It has given me more confidence in myself and life in general, and the future. I think that shines through and I think my son has picked up on that, so we’ve grown closer.”

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