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An individual displaying passive characteristics can be seen with being very submissive; often being treated as objects. however, the causes that leads to one inhibiting this certain type of way can come from many different reasons. as simone de beauvoir stated,"To make oneself an object, to make oneself passive, is a very different thing from being a passive object.” Hence, passivism has more than one definition for there are people who choose to become passive and people who become passive."
Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female - whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male. - simone de beauvoir
As seen in Simone's biography, it described her life as a woman during that time. Simone lived under the power of men; where women like her were not considered equal. they were considered only applicable at home, where they cleaned and took care of the children. Because women of the time were treated this way, many did not have the chance to work and become dependent on themselves (Simone de beauvoir,
To catch a husband is an art; to hold him is a job. - Simone De Beauvoir
iN SIMONE'S BOOK, the second SEX, IT DESCRIBES THE RECURRING ISSUES OF HOW WOMAN WERE TREATED DURING THOSE TIMES. aS STATED IN THE BOOK,"man views himself as an essential being, where he is the absolute; while women are considered as inessential beings; she is the other (beauvoir, 26)." hENCE, WOMAN were treated by others as less important than men, resorting to being PASSIVE, AS SOCIETY HAD NEGLECTED THE IMPORTANCE THAT THEY CAN MAKE IN THE WORLD.
a minority of men were also treated in this way. IN Albert camus' THe stranger, it shows that men, too, can be seen as passive, if they are considered different from society and their norms. In the novel, meursault displays an existential viewpoint of his life; he sees no meaning in the things he does and would rather go watch a movie than to mourn of the death of his mother (The stranger, ch.2). In addition, there were times when meursault would rather become submissive, in order to get away from the things that were a bothersome to him (The stranger, ch.3 part 2). Although he seemed as different, society did not depict him as inferior. IN fact, the difference between meursualt and simone de beauvoir is that meursault had the choice to escape from this passive dilemma. Since society defines man as the breadwinner of the household, there was no reason for the community to discriminate upon him, as they think of men to be responsible for their family and own well being, while woman were on the other side of the spectrum.
although some may define that being and choosing to become passive as the same things, this is clearly not true. In the article, the other, it states of an outsider who Does not belong to a certain norm, which causes others to treat them as inferior (Melani, ). this is one example that causes an individual to become passive. women are one such 'outsiders' that were considered one the examples of being passive because they are often depicted as being lesser than men. the article also shows the differences between an outsider and the other, in which the other is seen as lacking in trait that a group has and are doomed to be separate, while the outsider has the possibility of being accepted into the group.
Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal. - albert camus
now, this can be seen in simone de beauvoir and meursault. Simone was considered 'the other', in which she was treated bitterly by society, as they saw women as lacking of power to that of man; but the fact is, that she did not want to resort to stay like this; she wanted change and fought for acceptance. Meursault, on the other hand, was the same as 'the outsider', mainly because he would rather not choose to be accepted by society, but rather he wanted to stay as he is in life, as different and accepting his difference; however he had the choice to be accepted by society.
Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay. - simone de beauvoir
to conclude, the differences between choosing and becoming passive is significant, where one accepts their differences and the other would rather fight to escape the differences. As a member of society, one does not have to resort to accepting the differences, nor should they have to fight against it, but rather, it should be for themselves to decide what is right for them; choosing the right thing to do will make one accept their position in society, for it is all they can do. if the decision has been made, nothing can be done; the choice has been made. rather than sulk, there will be more things in life that one has to face, so it either their choice to face them or not, it all depends. After all, all humans receive the same fate - Death.

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