What Do I Need to Start a Business The mind before the business



a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. ~dictionary.com


The pre-entrepreneur describes a person who has a start-up business idea, or wants to be a business owner, but hasn't taken the necessary actions to benefit from its potential.

(Pre) means before; prior to; in advance; beforehand.

Basically the prentrepreneur is in the brainstorming phases of starting a business. It is far too easy to get stuck inside the idea bubble. Whether your scared to take that first step, or just not sure where to begin, you've landed in the right place.

The goal here is to identify the needs for your business and see what resources are available to assist with those needs.

Identifying specific needs for your business is crucial; however, there are some resources available to asist with your general day-to-day activities. And since I'm speaking in general terms, these activities would benefit any business niche.

For example all businesses should have a logo and a website for brand recognition, and a keyword ranking tool.

There is a world of material at your finger tips but filtering through this takes time and sometimes, this is the reason people get stuck in the idea bubble. ~ prentrepreneur
"I have a great idea" ...

So Let's Begin with a Logo

You won't need a logo before starting your business but it is a great idea to obtain one as soon as possible.

A logo helps give your brand its identity.

How to get a Logo

If your not a graphic designer yourself, or you don't have anyone in your circle with the skills to create one, you should look into outsourcing this task.

I usually try to retain services within my home community first. I'm very big on promoting local businesses. I try to find at least three businesses that can meet my needs, then get estimates from each.

Another avenue that sometimes work, are college boards or forums. The old fashion way is to go to your community college or vocational school and place a flyer on the student board of their activities center. The flyer should identify you or your business and that you are looking for a graphic designer.

Graphic Designer

You can propose this as a project for hire; or, project for exposure and experience. Like I said earlier, this is a traditional way of doing things but there are still other, more modern ways of finding a graphic designer.

Other, more technically savvy ways to recruit a logo designer, is to incorporate social media, but because some platforms like Facebook (while still useful) are becoming saturated with ad campaigns, be careful not to become distracted.


With all that said. Let me introduce you to an international online marketplace where you can find and hire freelancers for your business needs. Here, you can find freelancers for multiple faucets of business solutions.

Freelancers at Your Service
Desktop view
  1. Type logo in the search box
  2. This will populate a grid style layout with thousands of graphic designers.
  3. Use the left side bar to filter criteria to narrow your search results

The Second Bullet Point …Websites

The biggest feature of a website is to inform your visitors of your product or services.

You can find a freelancer on fiverr to set this up for you and create content as well; however, hiring someone to create websites and content can become a bit costly.

How to create your free website

I suggest a WordPress Theme Powered by WA

Now, if you are familiar with coding then you are aware of the popularity behind WordPress; however if you have never built a website before and are oblivious to coding then I have a recommendation for you.

The best way to access free on-demand training and live tutorials to build and grow your online presence with a free website is with Wealthy Affiliate. Why does this top my list of recommendations? Here, I've learned:

  1. All about creating a free website. (My degree is in creative writing, not coding)
  2. Everything about affiliate marketing with free training and tutorials.
  3. How to do keyword research with one of the top ranking search engine optimization tools.
What does Wealthy Affiliate offer?
  1. Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Training
  2. Live, 24/7 Coaching
  3. Two FREE Profit Ready Websites
Go for it!

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