Kidnapped By: Claudia Schwartz

I woke up lying in a hospital bed and I was hooked up to blue fluids. I unhooked the needles from my wrists and almost screamed, the needles must have been 5-6 inches long! Once I put the needles out. It hurt so bad it left a chill through my whole body. I looked at my wrist where the needles were. My wrists were swollen, they looked like sausages, and they hurt as if someone was stabbing me in that spot. I started having a seizure, I started shaking and fell to the ground with a big boom, a man walked in and started freaking out. My eyes blacked out, that's the last thing I remember.

I woke up in a panic, I threw myself forward and took a big gasp of air, then I was calm again, I looked at my wrists which were still swollen and hurt, and the needles were still there. The hospital bed was hard and rusty; every time I moved it would squeak, a loud echoing squeak. A man walked into my room, I acted like I was still sleeping and he believed it. He picked up my wrists and saw the needles were gone, with force he grabbed the needles off the floor and wiped them off before putting them back in my arm, I flinched roughly when he stuck the needles back in my wrists, one on each side. I opened my eye and he looked at me, a strange creepy look, he walked away, I pulled the needles out once again. The man came back in about 10 minutes later with a platter of food, eggs, sausage, and a piece of toast, why would I eat this? I don't know where I am and what if there's poison in there.

“Who are you, where am I?” I said.

“You are in my underground bunker, you are here because an atomic bomb has gone off and the whole world was wiped out, the atomic bomb wasn't from human kind, we don't know where it came from.” he said.

“Are there any survivors, and how do I know if you are telling the truth?”

“You can go look outside through the airlock and see, and trust me.”

“Where is it? Wait how did you find me?”

“The air lock is upstairs to your right and I found you in a ditch, on highway 17c. You must have gotten in a car accident, I picked you up out of the car and called an ambulance then the bomb went off, I brought you back here as fast as I could, hoping to save you. Anyway, eat up, You need to heal.”

He walked out of the room and closed the door.

I ate the food, and fell back asleep. I am just so tired and don't know why.

Once I woke up I saw the man, he must have been refilling the IV.

“Good morning, Katie.” He said.

“How do you know my name?” I said with a worried voice. I still don't trust him.

¨I found your driver's license in the car, I also know that where you live there are no survivors, I’m so sorry Katie .” he said, in a sorry voice.

I sit there and stare at the wall and think about my family all dead, I start crying and and he walks out I scream and cry for a straight 30 min. I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up and saw a wheel chair next to my bed, I try to sit up and it hurts so bad. I take the sheets off of on top of me and lay there in shock. I see a great big bandage over my belly, how did I not see this before, I pull the bandage of with force and there is a huge wound with infected stitches.

Why did he not tell me this was there, I call for him and pull the sheets back up, “Help, please help me!” He walks in so fast that I think he was right outside my door waiting for me to see it, in a panic he says,

“Don't scream like that ever again, and yes I know you are going to ask if it's infected and it is, I ran out of pain killer and can't get anymore, so you just need to fight through the pain, OK?”

Automatically I think how does he know I was even screaming about the cut? He was totally watching me, but how? “How do you know that I was screaming for that reason?” I said while pulling myself toward the corner of the bed and pulling the sheets with me.

“What do you mean, I can see them.” he said. I know that he didn't see them because I pulled the sheets up before I started calling for him.

“Can I see that window now?” I said.

“Sure come with me,” he motions his hand toward the door and I get up in pain but I don't care, I want to see if this man is telling the truth.

We get out of the hallway and the bunker is very nice; it has a little living room, kitchen shower and dining table. I asked him, “How long did it take you to prepare this and how did you know the bomb would go off?”

“I didn't.”

We walk up the next flight of stairs, and there's the door. I see three dead pigs that look they were clawed up by something. The rest is corn fields, that's all I see. Wait, I see a road way over there, oh my god, there's a truck, I see a truck.

The world didn't end, I am kidnapped. My heart is pounding so loud, he can probably hear it. I’m trying so hard not to freak out. This stranger is standing next to me, I’m locked in a bunker and I have no idea how long I’ve been gone. I ask him, “How long have I been down here for and how long has it been since the bomb went off?” I say in a nervous voice.

“It's been about 1 week that you have been laying in your bed, but I’m afraid that we will end up being down here for a lot longer.” he said.

How could this happen, how could I let this happen, how has nobody found me yet, have my parents called the cops yet, are they worried?

I walk back down the stair to the room and start making a plan. The plan is on how to get out, and how to protect myself.

Maybe I can get out in the middle of the night when he’s sleeping. Maybe I can find a weapon like a knife or something to protect myself.

It is the middle of the night now, he is sleeping and I’m lying in my bed waiting. I think it's night time now, I get out of the small bed slowly trying not to make it squeak, I walk over to the door and try to open it. It's locked. How will I get out if the door is locked, does he lock the door every night? I would try to bang on the door but I think that will wake him up, so I don't.

I get back in bed and lay there. The only other way to get out is in the day, but he will be awake and what if he hurts me? Will he try to kill me if I try to get out? I think for a lot more time and then fall asleep.

I wake up and open my eyes softly and see my own room for a second, I wipe my eyes and then see the room I’ve been in for the past week. I get up, go to the door and try to open it. It opens right away, he must have unlocked it.

I walk out and see him cooking in the kitchen. I say, “Good morning.”

“Good morning to you too.” He says in a joyful voice, then pours the food out of the pan into a plate. He offers me some but I say no. He walks over to the living room with old newspaper and sits down and starts eating.

I go to the kitchen and open the drawers slowly so he doesn't hear me. I look through three of them before I find a knife, I get really nervous as I pull it out of the drawer and put it in my pocket. He heard me, “What are you doing Katie?” he says.

“Trying to find the silverware.” I say.

“Bottom left drawer.” he says.

“Ok, Thanks.”

Jeez that was a close one, what if he would have come over here and saw me with the knife? I would have been dead.

I go back down the plain hallway and go in my room and close the door. I sit there for thirty minutes or so, thinking about what will I do.

Once again I open the door go out and hear a snore, he's sleeping. This is perfect.

I run to the door and try to open the airlock, but there's a password. I turn around to see if he's still there and he is. I try simple passwords and turn around once again, there he is standing right behind me, I pulled the knife out so fast and stabbed his thigh. He made a big screech and fell down, I tried another password and another. He was getting back up and pulls the knife out. I turn around and he's standing up and is throwing the knife at me and I dodge it. It gets stuck in the wall and while he tries to pull in out I keep trying the password, I try Katie. It works! I open the door and a warm breeze of air hits me and I know then there is no radiation.

I totally forgot about him. The last try he gets in out and I start runnin, runnin so fast I can't feel the wound that he put in my stomach. I run in the corn stocks and just keep running. I don't even think he was chasing me.

I stand at the edge of the road for 5 minutes at the most and see a semi coming down. It took about 1 minute until it got to me and stopped. He says,

“Howdy, lady. How are you doing today?”

“Please help me I was kidnapped in a bunker for the past week.” I say.

“Oh you're that little lady that went missing at a football game. Hop in, I will take you to the police station and we will find your parents,” he says, “They have been looking for you nonstop on the news. I even got an amber alert.” He takes out his phone and shows me.

Wow, they actually did care, we drive down the long straight road for miles and I finally feel safe again.

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