Motif: Losing Hope Presented by ryan tiv

Universal Theme:

Everything will never turn out perfect in life, but you're never gonna know what tomorrow brings.

Of Mice and Men

George Smalls lookin' cute
" 'You an' me can go there an' live nice, can't we, George? Can't we?' Before George answered, Candy dropped his head and looked down at they hay" (94).

George, Lennie, and Candy's plan was to get their own ranch and work, but since Lennie killed Curley's wife, George decides to let the plan go. Candy still wanted to have the ranch, but George did not want to. Instead, George decides to shoot Lennie in the back of the head after Lennie killed Curley's wife. This shows that not every plan/Objective will not always go as perfect, just like George's. This is part of the Ups and Downs of life.

The Chrysanthemums

Fake person approaching the loyal one
" 'Oh, no. No. I don't want to go. I'm sure I don't." Her face was turned away from him. "It will be enough if we can have wine. It will be plenty." She turned up her coat collar so he could not see that she was crying weakly—like an old woman."
"Far ahead on the road Elisa saw a dark speck. She knew. She tried not to look as they passed it, but her eyes would not obey. She whispered to herself sadly, "He might have thrown them off the road."

There was no hope that Henry accepted the flowers which saddens Elisa because they are very special to her. Elisa cries softly covering herself to not let Henry see her crying. Henry shows his lack of respect and it shows that he does not accept Elisa for who she is. Because of this, Elisa feels like any old woman and useless. This is a lesson that not every person will be how you expect them to be and there is no hope that Elisa will get any loyal ones.

Another cute guy also known as John Ernst Steinbeck


“ 'We really can’t do it, Mr. Gomez,” the judge said finally. “You say he is a good boy. Just yesterday, he tried to kill a man. You must see that we cannot let him go loose. Sooner or later he will succeed in killing someone.” After a short deliberation, he committed Tularecito to the asylum for the criminally insane at Napa."

There is no hope for Tularecito to be a normal person. He is put into an Insane Asylum where many crazy people are. Everyone in this world is not perfect and Tularecito happens to be mentally disabled. You can't expect someone like this to become normal and do normal things. They are going to behave and you are less likely to change someone else's behaviors.

How does losing hope connect to this world?

Everyone loses hope for lots of things whether it's sport events, debates, specific objectives, and a lot more. Like they always say, there is always tomorrow and you never know what to expect. This motif applies to my life because I have no hope for myself when I take exams. I feel like i'm already going to fail. Most of the time, that tomorrow arrives giving me an unexpected surprise. I feel like I'm going to get an F, but nope I surprisingly get that A that my mommy wanted! This motif is very relevant to everyone because it has applied to everyone's life in every situation.

Thank you very much for taking your time to watch me fail on this presentation.

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