Inspiration: Found Session Stories: Woman, wine & waiting

It started with a print found on the wall of a Las Vegas casino bar...*

A phone grab of a print on a wall

My partner saw this image hanging between the men's and ladies' room doors in a bar at the Venetian in Vegas. When she told me it was an image I would like, I had to take a peek. I loved it! I kicked myself for not grabbing a shot for my inspiration file at that moment. The image haunted me for two days - so much so that I had to make a special trip back to grab this shot. I began to plan the execution of a similar scene but one that I would make my own.

* info about this inspirational image…

A while after I posted this original Adobe Spark story, someone tweeted me some additional information about the original photograph. It turns out I wasn't the first one inspired by this image. Originally it was a Vogue shoot from 1962 which Stella Artois's restaged for a 2010 campaign. Unlike Stella's campaign, my homage was to create something new based upon the original Vogue shoot. A little tidbit: I was 1 years old when this original photo was taken.

A comparison of the original Vogue and the Stella recreation

meanwhile back at the story…


I put a casting call on the Minnesota Model's Facebook group seeking a 'drinking age' model willing to do some silhouette work with a wine bottle. Response was huge and I found myself with a plethora of great candidates from which to choose. I picked a girl named 'Tali' to be talent and set out looking for props and planning the shoot.

Tali, talent for the session


I wanted it to be the same thing-only different, as the saying goes. Less silhouette and more color - as well as a more varied wardrobe were planned. I also wanted more a full-length look than the inspiration shot. Red satin and red velvet figured prominently in the props as well as red wine, red lipstick and a single red rose. Other than a woman and a wine glass, the shoot was already diverging from the inspiration.

A quick phone grab of the set showing all the props


The in-camera capture showing the extraneous studio details

The image processed through Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for essential refinement.

The finished image after final processing and those little added details in Adobe Photoshop.


I was very pleased with the final image. Notice how different it was from my inspiration photo? That is true of most of the concepts I undertake - they evolve. A mere suggestion takes on a life of its own and my style and my models unique talents both shine through. We captured three different sets of wardrobe during the session so we could have varied looks from which to choose. I found that even in my processing, the images all had unique looks and different feels beyond a simple wardrobe change.

A simple classy black and white evocative of the original Vogue image

The Caress: probably my favorite…

A spontaneous image that became the most welcome surprise

A little more drama in monochrome - closer to the original Vogue inspiration in tone

Our signature image…

and a couple more for good measure

Growing Weary

Worn & Forlorn


The shoot was a complete success: 1000 images and over 90 picked to work on! I've sampled a little of that selection here for you to enjoy. I hope you liked the concept as well as I. Although none of shots even resemble the inspiration photo, I consider it a resounding win. The inspiration photo urged me toward a concept I might otherwise have blithely ignored. Tali rocked it. I was on my game. The session was a success!

Rikk Flohr

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