The Globe Theater Israel Zepeda /per 4

Thesis- Shakespeare made an impact his theater, influence on his stage,The costumes and effects, and how it was made.

The Stage.

Quote-"The main stage had a large trapdoor. Actors playing the parts of ghosts and spirits could rise and disappear through the door. The trap door, when opened, could also serve as a grave"(lander Jesse).

Commentary-This was a common effect the acter did and they only did it with ghosts effect.It was also if it was as they acter disappear from the stage but really it was a trap door on the stage.This fix with my theme because they still us trapdoor and they us a morri to make a more effect effect.

Quote-"Here there is no outer stage ;there is only the inner stage ,and a large curtain separates it from the audience"(Anderson Robert).

Commentary-They only made it only one big stage is so all people could see it from all the theater and does miss any of the show or play. Also it was to show an effect of if your looking inside a window or inside a picture frame.This support the theme because it was for everyone could see and could not miss and of the show.

Quote-"This stage is most us know today. It has been stranded for well over then a hundred years.Now more and more theater (especially university and regional theaters) are building "thrust" stages, or arena stages"(Anderson Robert).

Commentary-This mean this stage became really famous and most people used it on there theater.Also it say that arena stage which probably they made arena stage like that.This is important because this mean that type of theater became really famous and people wanted to use it for there also that it was a really affect theater.

Quote-"The part of the stage that projected into the yard grew narrower,and the small curtained inner stage grew larger,until there developed what is called the proscenium stage"(Anderson Robert).

Commentary-This stage was long on the back of the stage as it got to were there people were it got small most time stage were build like this back then and are still being build like that.This relates to my theme because as the the stage got big it seem like an effect to the people that were watching. Also it was for everyone could see the play or show.

How it was made

Quote-"They were built around a courtyard that had no roof.Public theaters gave performances only during daylight hours because they had no artificial lights"(lander Jesse).

Commentary-This mean that even if it rain or it was cold or in any weather they would perform and make the best of what the day is. Also with no light to light up the stage in the night they would do all the sense the want in the day in the day then all the sense in the night in the night.I wonder what if there was sense in the night in the day that would they do.this fix with what i know because the globe was the first theater that had no roof other theater would have a roof to protect the people that came to watch from the rain or the cold.

Quote- "The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside and probably round on the inside"(seidel,Michael).

Commentary-The globe was round building in the outside so it was a lot different to make it.Also it was round in the inside that mean that everyone could see the stage from where they were sitting.this fix from what I know because the globe was the only theater that was round or in a polygonal shaped.

Quote-"The theater may have held as many as 3,000 spectators"(Seidel Michael).

Commentary-the Globe theater was big but most of the people where in the bottom of the theater which was called the pit.This fit with what I know because the Globe theater was made up of three level.The pit was the less expensive and as it want up to the threat level got more expess

Costumes and Effects

Quote-"Sound effects had an important part in Elizabethan drama. Trumpet blasts and drum rolls were common. Sometimes unusual sounds were created, such as the noise of a sea-fight called for in Antony and Cleopatra"(Wilmeth Don B).

Commentary-This mean that they us instrument in for the sound they did this because back then they did have device.This related to my theme because with no sound or mics the effect of the plat would not be that good.

Quote-Although the stage lacked scenery, the actors employed various props (objects used on stage), such as thrones, swords, banners, rocks, trees, tables, and beds.

Commentary-This mean that they used real thing of the real world and they also made thing of props.This relates to my theme because they didn't just us props they also us tree of rock .

Quote-"Acting companies spent much money on colorful costumes, largely to produce visual splendor"(Wilmeth Don B).

Commentary-Most of the money want to props, effect and costumes. So they acting companies didn't get that much money of of it because the color costume are more expensive than black and white.Also the people that acted wanted to make it the most lifelike as possible.this mean most of the money wanted to making the theater better and getting more color in the play and not just being black and white.


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