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Sora is the new reading app for students by Overdrive. As of October Sora became available to students in Washington, Saratoga, Warren, Hamiltion, and Essex counties.

School librarians have been training their students on how to use Sora.

What does this means for us?

Students can add their public library card to the app and search their local public library.

The school librarians I spoke with have all been asking students to bring in their public library card, if they have one, and they are helping them add it to their Sora account.

The app looks to be seriously popular. The circulation of Juvenile ebooks and audio at schools has jumped by over 2,000 checkouts at the schools overdrive site since the app was released.

SALS Calendar

If you don't know about it--then it's new to you. The SALS calendar has been updated and includes upcoming events at SALS and free webinars.

The calendar can be found:

  • under the Members & Staff Menu
  • along the right side of SALS blog is a short list of upcoming events and free webinars

Syndetics Unbound & Lexile Score

Since we have moved away from Novelist + there have been several questions about ways to search using Lexile Score. Syndectis Unbound does offer a solution. It really isn't any easier than Novelist but you can assist a user with out leaving the PAC or having to sign in with a library card.

This 2 minute video provides an example on how to search the PAC using Lexile Scores. If you have any questions please let me know.

Eight Ways for Blind Kids to Enjoy the Library

By Melissa Riccobono

As a blind child, I have fond memories of going to the public library. I happily participated in library programs, met some great librarians who helped me find books that matched my interests, and spent time reading braille books in a cool place on a hot summer day.

Now, as a mom, I am thrilled to give my own kids the same library experiences, including two of my three children who are blind. Here are eight great ways to Go to the Library!

Let's Make... with Instructables

If you're looking for some ideas for 2019, Instructables is a fun place to start.

They have classes that range from a meat class to Internet of Things

They also have some pretty cool contests with prizes like a Pixel 3 phone, slow cookers, or laser engravers.

In the News

The Room of Requirement

Libraries aren't just for books. They're often spaces that transform into what you need them to be: a classroom, a cyber café, a place to find answers, a quiet spot to be alone. It's actually kind of magical. This week, we have stories of people who roam the stacks and find unexpected things that just happen to be exactly what they required.

This American Life published a recent episode--One Monday earlier this month, we sent five producers to record what happened at library reference desks around the country.

SALS Board Approves Donation to Pleasant Valley Library

On Tuesday Nov. 6th the Pleasant Valley Library went up in flames. Now the library is playing the role of a returned phoenix.

On Tuesday the 15th of January at the SALS board meeting, Mrs. Dallas reported that Pleasant Valley Library in Dutchess County had a devastating fire, and requested the SALS Board approve the System making a donation to the rebuilding effort. Mr. Wise moved, seconded by Ms. Nemer, that a donation of $300.00 be made.


The Best Children's Books Of 2018, According To Librarians

From kids' board books to YA novels, here are some top picks for the year.

Yet another list of the best of 2018. I click on every single one--just in-case I missed something special.

New York State Announces February SNAP Benefits Being Issued Early Due to Federal Government Shutdown

Most New Yorkers Receiving SNAP Will Get Full February Benefits by January 17

Hexa Robot

There were some cool tech from CES 2019. These are my two favorites.

Creepy spider robot or the cutest robot ever!

Or this.. The VR Roller Coaster Twister Simulator.

Now you can get sick on a roller coaster in the comfort of your own home.

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