A Case of Self-Defense Natalie, Andrew, Shane, Antanas

Lee Harris is the director of options for battered women and has serviced the corporation for 10+ years. Lee Harris also has his MSW in social working. According to their records, Donna had repeatedly called and claimed her abuse to them, further proving that there is no question of whether or not abuse was taking place. It was February 8, 1991 when Mrs. Donna called and reported feeling a fear for her own life due to the progressiveness of the abuse. However 4 days later, February 12, 1991 she again called reporting dramatic escalation in the abuse. May we ask of the prosecution that two days later the death of Clinton Osborn took place; was it or was it not two days before this that Mrs. Donna Osborn breached for help? In addition, Kim Lenore, who holds an Ed.D. in Education from SUNY-Albany, a M.A. in Education from SUNY-Binghamton, and a B.A. in Psychology from Cornell states that from a psychological perspective, domestic abuse warps the feelings, beliefs, and behaviors of the victim. This gives us clear scientific evidence of why Donna didn't simply leave. As said in her statement, Lenore explains that Mrs. Osborn realized she couldn't escape the torment of her belated husband furthermore leading to the preparation to take defense if things were to escalate- which they did. Is it not the job of our society to assist citizens in how to defend themselves? How was Mrs Donna Osborn supposed to understand how to properly defend herself in a life threatening situation? Matter of the fact is, both Mrs Donna Osborn and her belated husband, Clinton, had high emotions that night and Mrs. Donna felt her and her sons lives were in danger due to her late husband. It would only make sense that the jury rules in favor of self defense.

What does it mean for someone to have sympathy for something? Sympathy means to have, feel or show pity and sorrowful emotion for someone or something. The task at hand is to thoroughly discuss the case for which Donna Osborn, former wife to Clinton Osborn, may or may not be wrongfully accused for the murder of her now deceased husband. In Mrs. Osborn’s statement to what had happened, she begins to allow the courtroom to comprehend that Clinton had began to verbally and physically abuse her, and after multiple years of being beaten, the issue has finally been brought to the public's attention. After being verbally assaulted, Donna begins to explain how in 1989, while being pregnant, Clinton had became physically violent and “had pushed [her] down a few times”(Pappa). Overlooking his violence, Donna continued to be assaulted by her husband who progressed to be more brutal. Upon reading the now widowed Mrs. Osborns statement, she continuously goes over how her resting husband had hit and shoved her over the past few years. Donna Osborn is the victom in this case. She has a child whom has witnessed his mother be abused. She had been isolated from the outside world….

Kim Lenore was hired by Donna to help her so they met 3 times for 45 minutes a time. After those sessions Lenore states that “[Donnas] life, after marrying Clinton Osborn the second, completely fits the profile of a battered woman”(Pappas).Kim states how Donna is categorized in all the “underpinnings of the battered woman syndrome”(Pappas).


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