The World According To Elle.s

Globalization is making the world stronger. My reasoning for this is that if there was no sweat shops/ large working places then where would the people work at all, at least they have somewhere to work. Although They get paid a low percent of money each month, at least they're getting paid something instead of nothing. People around the world are deciding that sweatshops/ large working places are bad for people, and the people shouldn't be working in them, but people now since the government is banning them dont have any jobs at all. Which means they aren't getting any money at all.

I I think climbing Mount Everest is worth the risk, but only if you are up for the challenge and willing to take any consequences that follow. My reasoning for this is that climbing mount everest is really a win or lose situation. If just some day someone says that they will just climb mount everest and pay all the money and just do it than they will most likely die if they have never trained for such a thing. But if a person has been training and has done the research for climbing then they will be more prepared than the person that did not train for it. There’s a risk of them dying on the mountain, there are more than 250 dead bodies on that mountain of people that died. That's also a big risk. Not only is it a risk of falling or getting cold it's also the fact that the oxygen level is b=very low so when you breath it's difficult to get even the slightest bit of air in your lungs. But it is worth the risk because if you reach the top its like you have accomplished something that mankind think of as the impossible, you reached a dream that has come true.

This is why i think that


Bucket List


Nnthese recourse are one of many recourse mined here

How might having a valuable recourse affect a region?

Valuable recourses affect a region. There are many ways that valuable recourses can affect a region. The first one is a valuable recourses can give a community money by the cost of the recourse. This can help a region by giving the government money for community cost such as building,gardens and so. Much more.Another example of a way that valuable recourses can affect/help a region are in things we use every day like clothes. This can make it so we don't have to use up our government money by buying more materials for clothes. Another example of a way that valuable recourses can affect/help a region are in things we use every day like clothes. This can make it so we don't have to use up our government money by buying more materials for clothes.All of these examples may help developing countries. Valuable recourses can help with health issues such as life expectancy and infant mortality rates. It helps a community because the money from Digging up oil form oil reserves can now be used for more human issues. There are many ways that valuable recourses can affect a region.

This is a picture of the desert and how †he environment is difficult to ghet used to.

How do people adapt to living in the desert region? There are many ways that people adapt to this environment, even though it is difficult place to live. Many desert nomads where loose, flowing, long clothing when they are living in the desert that cover their faces, arms and legs. They do this to protect themselves from the sun and it limits exposure to the sun, but this clothing lets air into the clothes. Another way nomads adapt to the environment is having easy moving homes and little supplies or clothes so the can move when they need to. Nomads usually want to find places to live with an oasis because they want to have water and food for their animals, but often times desertification gets in there way which usually leads to droughts and deforestation. People in the desert adapt to the environment in many different ways.

What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?Within supranational cooperation, there are often /centrifugal forces that/divide nations. More than 20 languages are spoken in the EU.THis is bad because over every country's borders there is a different language spoken. The cause of this is most everyone from different countries will speak different languages, so people won't be able to understand each other and won't be able to do important government/business together.More countries joining can mean varied opinions and cultures. This is bad because everyone who lives in the EU will have different opinions on government issues. People will not be careful about the cultures of others and will not have the same outlook on what we can and can't do. The EU has many issues that need to be worked out, but as of right now nobody is working on it.

This is the EU. We are working on getting the EU back together.

What is being a good citizen?

This is an example of being a good citizen because the 2 people are helping each other.

Being a good citizen is one of the most major things people can do to contribute to the society. Being a good citizen means to be able to obey the laws at home at school, and in public. One of the most important laws citizens must follow is paying your taxes. That law is mostly used when your in public. Another law that citizens ok must follow is showing responsibility for the mistakes you make, that law is used mostly everywhere you go. Another law that citizens must follow is voting for which president a citizen want to rule the country. No matter where a citizen goes they must follow the laws.

What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is a group of people who govern a community or unit and it is necessary because it sets limits or boundary standards for that community.he first reason why government is necessary is because it limits what people can and can't do. It sets rule of law for the citizens in the community. Without government the world would be out of order, unbalanced, and complete chaos. The second reason why government is necessary in this society is the economic reason. This is for important things like education and simply having electricity or something like that. If we didn't have government we wouldn't have anyone to encourage us to get an education or the lights in our houses wouldn't go on because citizens wouldn't have to pay taxes which the government told us to do. This is why citizens need government to protect rights and responsibilities, to keep the world out of danger and the economic reason.

This is what the government needs to take care of, and if we didn't have government none of this would be there for the government to take care of.


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