Google From Am argument to huge cOmpany

Google was created because of an argument between Larry Page and Sergey Grin google has become the most used web search and one of the biggest company man kind has seen. Google has developed several apps and just recently released their first phone with verizon, the google pixel.

Seeing the World Wide Web as a really big graph page started to creat his own www which led him to google. But there was nothing wrong with the World Wide Web for regular people but page saw something different, He saw problems with the citations and how they should be linked so you can see who that is from.

His first real step towards creating something new was his crawler. The first one was let loose on his homepage at Stanford university and expanded over the whole web. His creation would not only let people know who is linked to whom, but more critically, who linked to whom, based on various attributes of the site that was doing the linking.

Page saw so many things from his crawler that he was not aware of and realized that there are to many links on the World Wide Web that he could not count them with the help of 1000 people. The math gets really complicated after a short time.

Page and bring together created a ranking system that rewarded links that came from sources that were important and penalized those that weren't. Their breakthrough came through algorithm that ranked each link.

As brin and page kept experimenting back rub and its google implementations were creating buzz. They were contacted by a professor named kleinberg and he convinced them to publish. The rest of the story you probably know already. Google was used too many times to count and google is now one of the biggest companies on earth.



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