Photography Period 5

Artist Statement

my name is Whitey Sosene and I am a amateur photographer and i like to take pictures of more simpler things in life but enhance it for people to think of it with greater depth and a deeper understanding. This influenced me to just go around an area and finding things to take a picture of and there are a lot more things that a camera camera can pick up than the naked eye can. I hope to continue to take pictures and take it farther as a back-up plan in the future

I chose this picture because it is mysterious. If you take a look you can see the the texture of the background and the blue print in the middle, not knowing what it is, you start to do things that are key to becoming a good photographer and that is thinking, wandering and wondering what exactly is it, what it feels like, and how it got there. That is what I was taught in this wonderful class and it help me open my eyes to a much bigger and beautiful world. Looking at everything with a different point of view Technical Data:
I like this picture because it shows that one little screw can hold down a big object. Also that size doesn't matter and with that I also think that the littlest thing can inspire someone or change their life in a positive way
I chose this picture because it shows a light side and a dark side. The feather is right in between and i like this picture because I think as if the feather is me or someone else and that they are in a battle with life. What I mean by that is that people go through some troubling times but what you do after determines the type of person you are, if you chose to persevere or give up
I chose this picture because it shows unity to me in some way. If you take a look at the rocks they are together surrounded by all the dirt, trash, grass, and mud yet they still are together and to me that's important because teamwork for me is key to getting father than what only you can do alone
This would be my favorite picture of all because of my love and passion for Football. I've played this sport since I was a little boy and continued to play not only because it was fun but, also because when I did play it made my family proud and its a great way to relieve stress from what I have been through

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