A great story needs…


A good story starts with a human being you can connect with like a father, a friend, someone who is sad, someone who is lonely or happy or tired.


This same human being has a unmet desire. He or she wants peace or forgiveness or revenge, or wants to help other people, or wants to live a life of meaning.


A barrier exists that keeps our human from getting their desire. They don’t know how to reach their desire, they don’t have any people in their life who can help them, or they don’t have the resources or money or hope, or mean people keep them from their desire.


A resource or person or emotion or God helps them overcome the barrier to getting what they desire.


A positive resolution for our human being who has a desire and faces a barrier and then finds what they need to get their desire.

Examples of good stories


Two years ago, Sarah was a lonely freshman at UCLA--a large school of 20,000 students. Her parents lived a plane ride away and had saved all their money to send Sarah to college. She felt tremendous pressure to do well, but she was faltering. The pressure and her loneliness seemed like too much. While sitting alone in the dining hall yet another day, another freshman named Kathy asked if she could join Sarah. They struck up a friendship; they were both studying Chemistry and considering rushing the same sorority. Kathy invited Sarah to Cru’s weekly meeting. Though Sarah did not have much of a spiritual background, she really liked her new friend and she decided to go. At Cru’s meeting, Sarah met so many kind and welcoming friends and she really enjoyed the message about how to seek peace and purpose through Jesus. In time, Sarah joined a Bible study and came to know Christ personally. Because Kathy reached out to Sarah, the lonely freshman’s life was changed forever. Now, Sarah reaches out to her Chemistry classmates and recently launched a Bible study in her sorority. She knows what it’s like to feel lonely and pressured.

  • Somebody: lonely Sarah
  • Wanted: peace, friendship
  • But: she didn’t know where to find it
  • So: new friend Kathy invited her to Cru
  • Then: she met Christ and new friends and now invites other


Mohammad stared at the ceiling in his family home from his mat on the floor. A dream about Jesus had invaded his mind four nights prior, and he was bewildered and a little bit scared. Why would Jesus talk to him, a Muslim committed to the ways of the Quran? He tossed and turned wondering, losing sleep. Who could he talk to without alerting the local imam? Mohammad secretly typed “Jesus dream” into his computer at work while no one was watching. Immediately, a website popped up with stories of others who had a similar dream. How can that be? he wondered! In time, Mohammad returned to the website and even found an online friend who could answer his questions about Jesus. Mohammed continued to pursue the Jesus of his dream, even finding an online friend who lived nearby and invited him to a local church.

  • Somebody: Mohammad who had a strange dream
  • Wanted: to know why Jesus would visit him
  • But: he didn’t have anyone to ask safely
  • So: he looked online
  • Then: he found someone who could help him


Thomas was a passionate follower of Jesus. He longed for the people in his city in Togo to know the love of their Creator and Friend. Thomas asked God to help him. A few days later, Thomas heard about a training offered at a local church nearby. He decided to go. At the training, Thomas learned how to tell the story of how Jesus had forgiven his sins and give him peace and purpose. He learned how to use a tool called the Four Spiritual Laws to explain the gospel. After the training was over, Thomas could not wait to talk to his uncle who had been asking Thomas about his relationship with Jesus. Thomas told his own story of coming to faith and then used the Four Spiritual Laws to explain the gospel, just like he had learned. Thomas’ uncle accepted Christ on the spot! And now, Thomas and his uncle have begun sharing the gospel with people they meet in their city.

  • Somebody: Thomas
  • Wanted: to share his faith in Jesus
  • But: he didn’t know how
  • So: he attended a training at a local church
  • Then: he shared his faith and his uncle came to Christ

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