Now more than ever before, companies are adjusting their talent acquisition strategies in response to new challenges, pressures, and priorities. They are shifting the way they compete for talent, focusing on greater efficiency and looking for ways to rebuild talent pipelines. Every organization is going through some type of talent acquisition transformation today, and many are heading into this shift under-resourced with close to half of all companies having downsized their recruiting teams in 2020.

The theme of doing more with less has never been more apparent than it is today.

As hiring ramps up, companies need support to compete and enable growth. Once viewed as an option only for large or complex engagements, outsourcing has become a more flexible option.

Many organizations are turning to Project-based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Project RPO) to help achieve short-term goals and prepare for the future.

Project RPO is an agile alternative that gives organizations the resources and expertise their in-house team needs to rise to changing business demands, but with the flexibility to outsource on a project-by-project basis without committing to a lengthy RPO engagement. In this research study, we will explore how talent acquisition and HR leaders are leveraging Project RPO as a cost-efficient solution that can be rapidly deployed to support things like hiring surges, market expansion, or tremendous growth.

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