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We are located in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in Collegium Biologicum, a new development for biologists

The variation observed between parents and their offspring is due to meiotic recombination called crossover. The crossover takes place during gamete formation and is based on exchange of chromosomal segments between parental chromosomes. In consequence, novel combinations of alleles are generated. We are interested in how crossovers are formed and how they are regulated.

Different factors that control meiotic recombination: acting in 'cis' and 'trans'. See Ziolkowski and Henderson, New Phytologist 2017 for details

The initial step in crossover (CO) is double strand break (DSB) formation. However, only a small portion of DSBs will be repaired by crossover with majority being repaired by non-crossover (NCO) pathways. We seek to find how the CO/NCO decision is made and how it affects chromosomal distribution of crossover.

The Institute is a part of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

In addition, we are interested in chromatin modifications, which affect genetic recombination as well as gene expression. In particular, we are studying the role of histone variant H2A.Z in plants. We recently found that H2A.Z may adopt both promoting and repressing roles in regulating gene expression, dependently on its location.

The role of H2A.Z in the regulation of gene activity in Arabidopsis. See Sura et al. Plant Cell 2017 for details.

Another extensive research in our group focuses on histone acetylation, especially by acetyltransferase complex NuA4. We recently identified key components of this complex in Arabidopsis and are currently studying its role both in gene expression and meiotic recombination. We hope you will be able to read more on this topic pretty soon ;-)

Our primary research model is Arabidopsis thaliana - favored species of plant scientists

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Department of Genome Biology

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