What is fear? By:Wooseok Yoon

Fear, this ghost, look at this example. Pretend you are alone in your house. It is dark and you are in your bed with your door shut. In what seems like a minute, there is a thud on your window. You think that it is a ghost but it is the wind. But see this example. When you are sleeping with your door closed, alone, there is a thud on the window. You think that it is the wind but it is a ghost. It is less dangerous or shocking if you think that it is a ghost first.

Process of Fear: The parts of your brain that involve in fear are the sensing cortex, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala and hippocampus. The process all starts with thalamus. The thalamus tells you where to send your incoming sensory. Then it depends if you want to take the high road or the low road. The low road leads you to think automatically that it is a bad thing and scream and get scared. For example,if you are sleeping alone and window thuds, you automatically scream which is the next step of the low road called amygdala where you put your emotions. Then you notice it is just the wind and that is the part called hypothalamus. When you take the high road, it means that you first interpret the incoming data which means to think about what the sound actually is. Then, you go through storing and retrieving conscious memory which is the hippocampus. Finally, you reach the end where you like the low road ends with noticing that it is just the wind which is hypothalamus.
Celebrity Fears: Celebrities have weird phobias. Michael Jackson has been known for having a phobia of flying and Oprah Winfrey quotes that, ‘Chewing gums make me terrified!’ Billy Bob is afraid of antique furniture. Orlando Broom is afraid of pigs. Adele is afraid of seagulls and finally Woody Allen is afraid of everything!
Types of Fears: It has been shown from the survey of CHAPMAN university and technology news has shown 1500 adults had fears of political things and not things such as insects. Thy have seen a huge amount of people had terrorist attacks as their fear and the data recorded was slightly higher than anyone expected. People have seen gun care and global warming more important. Due to this research, people learnt a lot about how the world was like right now compared to the old times by fears when they were afraid of animals but we have all these to catch animals but that didn’t really matter. Terrorists attacks and government corruptions can’t stop fast but in the old times, there was no such thing. Now we are ashamed of global warming too which is making all the glaciers disappear and not making the polar bears move to where there is food because of no ice to move there to.
In conclusion to my non-fiction essay, people should learn from my research that fears are all over the world and there isn’t actually anything to stop fear until there has been something done to prove that the fear is wrong. People, describes fear as, “ It is a vital response to physical and emotional danger.


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