Max Print 3D 3d printing made easy

What is Max Print 3D?

Max Print 3D is a 3D printing service for both businesses and individuals who don't have access of owning a 3D printer or cant afford to own one.

That's Pretty Vague, I Need More Info.

Understandable, Max Print 3D lets you come in and either upload a file you have ready, or browse a catalog for an item you would like to print. Businesses or people who don't have time to come in can email me the file and the details on the item that needs printing.

That's Interesting, What Can You Print With?

The industrial 3D printers we use can print in a variety of plastics and metals. Its not about what we have, its about what you need.

Whats Makes You Stand out?

There are already site out there that do this kind of service, but the difference between us and them is simplicity. You don't need to be a 3D modeling expert to use our service. Its as easy as point and click using the simple printing catalog.

But What About Businesses?

Unlike other 3D printing services, we use Industrial Grade 3D printers that are more precise than consumer grade 3D printing, offering a more accurate product or prototype. Not only that they also have a larger variety of printing materials including Resins and Metals.

This Seems Really Expensive Doesn't it?

The cost of Operation, and Media could actually come out to $3500-$5000 a month on start up, including advertising.

What Kind Of Ownership Would it Be?

On start up we would be a LLC partnership, but once we reach 15+ Employees we would change to S corp.



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Ian Gibbs


Photo was from Computerworld

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