Canvas Studio Video for your Canvas Course

Benefits of Canvas Studio

Teachers can...

  • Host and deliver video content
  • Encourage active engagement in course media content through commenting
  • Direct students to key points or moments for emphasis
  • Monitor student viewing behavior and interactivity
  • Facilitate class discussion
  • Assess students through video quizzing
  • Add real-time feedback to student video submissions

Benefits of Canvas Studio

Students can...

  • Access course media content across platforms and devices
  • Interact in course media content by using comments to ask questions and share insights
  • Provide video evidence of learning
Ways to Access Canvas Studio

In the Canvas Studio Media Library...

  • Users can upload and manage media files at any time
  • Users who upload media are considered to be the media owner
  • Media owners can manage all media settings and functionality including setting user details and viewing analytics
  • Media owners can manage comments in their media
  • Media owners can share media with other users and grant viewing or editing access
  • Media always allow and display comments
  • Media includes a link and embed code to use in public sites (comments are never displayed)

Student/Learner Access to Canvas Studio Media:

  • Instructors can manage comments in all course media; in groups, users can only manage their own comments.
  • Existing comments in embedded media are not included in course copies.
  • Student users can only access their Canvas Studio account when using the Rich Content Editor, including media uploads
  • Students who upload a media file in either a course or a group are not considered to be the video owner; a copy of the media is made for the course instructor to manage

Canvas Studio Media may be used inside and outside of a course, and for student viewing or submissions.

  • Share Directly
  • Share Publicly
  • Add to a Module
  • Use the Rich Content Editor
  • Assignment or Assessment
Created By
Stephen Rektenwald


Created with images by Keagan Henman - "untitled image" • Fabian Frey - "untitled image" • rawpixel - "acting actor adjusting" • DariuszSankowski - "phone screen technology" • Austin Distel - "untitled image" • John Schnobrich - "untitled image"

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