Problem and Solution


The Problem Carson and I had found with the conditions about working in slaughter houses is the number of injuries that occur in slaughterhouses yearly.


Carson and I have found a solution to fix the amount of injuries happening yearly and that is by cutting down employees hours so that the employees can de stress and catch up on much needed sleep. A way that we can do this is by starting an internet poll and see if this is a valid issue and by then we could take our results to city counsel and hope they will continue to fight for this issue.

The facts


38% of slaughterhouse workers where born outside of the U.S.A

Most Facilities are based on a schedule of 24 hours 7 days a week

A worker that works the chain will bag up to 50 bags of meat per minute

About 1/3 of workers in slaughter houses get injured yearly

About 50% of the injuries are stress related injuries

About 75% of meatpacking workers will have long term injuries

Slaughterhouse: A place where animals are slaughtered for food.

The Line: A line where they chop the animal meat

Injuries in slaughterhouses

  • Pain for the rest of your life
  • Nerve damage
  • diseases
  • infections


Most facilities are open 24 hours 7 days a week which can cause people to be tired and not focused on the job and lack of sleep could lead the death or other fatal injuries when you are working with a knife the whole entire day

1/3 people will get hurt this year that is a very large. If you consider a school size of 1,000 people that 300 people getting hurt and not coming to school.

meat packing the most dangerous job because there are many injuries you can get when working in the line or other places. For example its like working with a knife in your hand all day

There was an incident where an old employee of a slaughter house exposed the slaughter house and said that when health inspectors came to view that plant they often time slowed down the line and tidied things up before the health inspector came.

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