Top 10 Cities to Visit In The United States BY- Alexa Heidt

Number 1- Honolulu Hawaii

I would want to visit Honolulu, Hawaii because it is warm. I would also want to go here because I have never been there before.

Number 2- Los Angeles, California

I want to visit Los Angeles because it seems like a really fun and laid back place. I feel like it would be really fun to take some friends and have an experience of a lifetime.

Number 3- Orlando, Florida

I have already been to Orlando, Florida. I would definitely go back because it is so much fun.

Number 4- New York City, New York

Since I live in a really small town, I think that it would be really cool to experience to see a big city. I would also like to see the Statue of Liberty.

Number 5- Las Vegas, Nevada

I would love to visit Las vegas. It would be really interesting to stay in one of the casio's when I am older.

Number 6- Denver, Colorado

Denver looks really pretty. I would love to visit in the winter to see the snow caps on the mountains.

Number 7- San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio would also be really neat to visit. Since I have never been there, they probably have a lot of cool things to do.

Number 8- Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey Pennsylvania would be sooo cool to see. I love chocolate and to see where the factory is would be really neat.

Number 9- New Orleans, Louisiana

Since these towns look like it is sort of the way it was long ago. I think it would be neat to see.

Number 10- Anchorage, Alaska

SInce Anchorage is a big city and overlooks the mountains, I think it would be so pretty. I like the idea of going to Alaska just not as much as the other places because it is colder in Alaska.

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