The Boys and Girls Club Linkedin Ads

Based on the provided list, we chose LinkedIn Ads for several reasons. We believe that this would be a useful resource to actively attract volunteers. To volunteer at the Boys and Girls club, volunteers must fill out an application, go through an interview, and complete a mandatory background check. Utilizing LinkedIn Ads, the Boys and Girls Club can target an audience that they feel will be the best role models for the children. The Boys and Girls Club can target individuals based on their education to help with tutoring programs, based on their current volunteering activities and on their interest and abilities. Utilizing LinkedIn Ads will help the Boys and Girls Club attract volunteers while promoting their organization, and fundraising efforts.

How Individuals See Ads?

When utilizing LinkedIn Ads, you have the ability to allow your audience to see your ads through several different platforms. Whether your goal is to promote brand awareness or volunteer registration, your ads can be viewed by millions. The Boys and Girls Club can utilize these ads to advertise company updates in an effort to target volunteers that use desktops, mobile devices and tablets. The Boys and Girls Club can raise awareness as well as obtain leads via the world's most viewed news feed.

Additionally, the Boys and Girls Club can reach target audiences right in their LinkedIn inbox. Utilizing this webmail service, they can deliver personalized messages to respected volunteer candidates.

Finally, the Boys and Girls Club can generate leads in minutes through these ads. They have the ability to add a compelling headline, description and an image that attracts volunteers and potential donors, and raises awareness for their organization.

Creating Your Linkedin Ad

To create an advertisement that attracts the right volunteers to the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand, the marketing intern/volunteer needs to select an ad design which appropriately portrays the requirements of the aligning volunteer position. This will assist in getting qualified candidates to apply to the organization. We have equipped the presentation with a step-by-step instruction on how to create and design a Linkedin advertisement.

Linkedin Ads come with two different types of accounts- the Campaign Manager (Self-Service Advertising) and the Account-Based Marketing (ABM.) The Campaign Manager option allows you to design advertisements on your own, where the ABM option will give you the option of using Linkedin's professional staff to assist in advertising, for additional fees.

This a chart provided by Linkedin Campaign Manager, explaining the differences in the Self-Service Advertisements and the Managed plan. Because the Boys and Girls Club is a non-for-profit seeking donations and volunteers, we recommend that your team uses the Self-Service Advertise option, and have equipped this marketing plan as such.
When the Marketing Coordinator has reached the Linkedin Campaign Manager, the program begins with a list of options to choose from. These options are based from organizational goals on how The Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand plans to advertise through Linkedin, and can reach a variety of members based on each selection. When creating advertisements through this site, you can use a mixture of two- and even all three- but at the beginning stages of the cycle it will request that you begin with just one option.
The white portion of the photos represents the advertisement- created by the Campaign Manager.
  1. The First photo on the left of the grid is a sample of the "Sponsored Content" Option. Sponsored Content will appear in user feeds, as they are scrolling down. While this is a popular option in Facebook and Twitter profiles, Linkedin users are less likely to view their news-feeds, and go straight to other options- such as their networks.
  2. The Middle photo is an example of "Sponsored inMail." These messages will send personalized direct messages to users that the system believes are a match as your target audience.
  3. The Right photo is an example of a user receiving Text Ads. Text ads appear on the side of Linkedin, next to newsfeeds, job searches, and other scrolls. While this is an option that users pay additional for, it only charges per clicks and impressions.

Advertisement Design

1. Sponsored inMail: Setting up Sponsored inMail is the easiest, because it's exactly like writing a friendly e-mail to potential volunteers you just haven't met yet. Things that are required from the message include (but are not limited to):

  • Selecting the sender. Who is going to be the point of contact between you and the target audience?
  • Add a Subject Line and Summary Statement. This will give the recipients a sneak peak of what they are getting before they open the message. Be sure to include all contact information in the summary or message.
  • Drafting your message. Develop a personalized, yet general message that will be mass-sent to volunteers. A good message should include what your organization is, where it is located, and what they are looking for. An example of a personalized message could be: "We are the Boys and Girls Club of The Grand Strand, located in sunny beautiful Myrtle Beach. We came across your profile and believe that the addition of your volunteer experience could assist us in becoming one of the most exciting summer camps in the Grand Strand."
Popular Words to Consider on Linkedin: Connect, Opportunities, Join, Exclusive,

Considering the type of organization that The Boys and Girls Club is, sponsored inMail would be the most useful option for them to utilize. With this type of LinkedIn Ad, market research is done through the LinkedIn system in order to properly target the audience that best suits the message you are trying to send out. You can directly reach out to potential volunteers, as well as potential donors with personalized messages. This would assist the Boys and Girls Club with increasing awareness, obtaining funding, increasing volunteer numbers, and increasing event involvement.

2. Text Ads- If you decide to advertise using Text Ads, there are many different steps to consider when you are creating your design.

  • Name your campaign. Choose something that will attract members to click the advertisement.
  • Choose your headlines. The headline will be up to about 25 characters. What is the position and where is it?
  • Write a description. Up to about 75 characters. How will you describe the position to potential applicants?
  • Select a photo. Usually this is a company logo.

Targeting Your Market Segment

Once the advertisement has been designed, it is time to fully implement the design into action. The next stage in the Campaign Management process, will be the Target Estimated Segment Screen- regardless of the advertisement design that it chosen.

This is the screen that will appear after the advertisement has been designed. The Target Estimated Segment screen helps users to define the user-base to whom the advertisements will be distributed.

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