Basic Photography Composition Krystal Van Dyke

Rule of Thirds

This picture shows rule of thirds. This truck is not in the center of the picture and it is one third of the bottom. Then two thirds is of the sky. This sunset was very pretty and it worked especially since we were fishing at the time.

Interesting View Point

This photo is an example of an interesting view point. I chose this photo because you can see all the tree branches and what shapes they can make. Then you can see all the leaves closer and also the bark is focused. The color of the leaves really pop out in this picture.

Tell a story

This picture is representing tell a story. This is Cayler Noun Harder doing a front handspring. This is telling a story because it says that she is an experienced gymnast. She is an experienced gymnast because none of her knees are bent and her form is very good.

Horizontal vs. Vertical

This photo is showing horizontal. With horizontal it shows more objects that are there. The picture isn't as tall but it is wider than vertical. This picture is in my back yard.
This picture represents vertical. This picture shows more upwards than wide. In some cases you want it vertical to just get the object you are focusing on. This picture is in my back yard.

Leading Lines

This picture represents leading lines and it is my pathway home. This picture is leading lines because the driveway looks like it could go forever.

Free Choice Composition

This picture is my free choice composition. I chose this photo for this choice because it had very good lighting. It also had a view of the whole field and the fence and the trees.

S Curves

This picture is showing a S Curve. It is showing it by representing a S. The grass is mowed into a S. I took this picture right across the road from Old Setts.

Fill the Frame

This picture is showing fill the frame. This is showing this because the object of this is actually a bowling ball with gems on them and this is only a few of them. The whole ball with gems on them is a gazing ball and my mom made it.

Run the Subject Out of Frame

This picture is of my baby kitten Sammy. Sammy's bottom half is out of the frame and only the front half is showing. This picture was taken in my shed after school one day.

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