I believe that these two objects on Clemson's campus utilize two rhetorical appeals. The first is pathos, and I believe this is the case because students and other members of the Clemson family with feel an emotional connection and more tightly knit as a community. The second rhetorical appeal that is implemented is implemented is ethos because the ethical choice by most is to not deface the two parts of P211.T45. In addition, I believe that several rhetorical canons are also put to use in these two unique objects. Firstly, the rhetorical canon "invention" is put into use in the sense that this is a book, as well as a marker, and the process through creating a story to make it a secret book named after the its Library of Congress tag number. Secondly, I believe that this object uses the canon of style. By incorporating a story of a secret book, and curses, it enables the creators to cause a sense of eeriness to the book as well as the marker.

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