Kepler 22b (earth's twin planet) mariann dominick

Kepler 22b was discovered December 5, 2011

Kepler 22b is a planet that orbits a G-Star that is similar to our sun just a little bit cooler and smaller. On Earth it takes 365 days to orbit the sun, where as it takes Kepler 22b to orbit the start 290 days.

Kepler is believed to be a promising spot to search for life, even though it is 600 light years away. That would take 23.4 million years to reach it.

It is said that Kepler 22b is estimated to be 2.4 times bigger than Earth.

The average temperature is 72 degrees fahrenheit.

NASA announced that Kepler 22b was one of 54 habitable planets. Kepler is 1900 miles (31,000 km) in diameter.

Gravity is unknown right now because its 600 light years away. The atmosphere is also unknown. Scientists do not know as of right now if Kepler 22b is rocky, gaseous, etc. It is pictured as a blue and white spotting on it.

Kepler has moons the same mass as Earth. Scientists do believe that humans can potentially live on this planet simply because it seems to have the same features as Earth.

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