Start of America by liam thompson

In 1754 the french and Indian war started and when it ended England was in big debt and they are trying to find a way that they get money back and the best way was to tax them and that made them very mad and there were many protests. The British thought that it would be fair to charge them because they just fought for them and save most of there lives. This lead to colonists breaking free from the British.

After the french and Indian war the British were in debt and they needed to get money fast so they TAXED the colonists because they just fought for them and used most of there ammunition, guns, men and food this made the colonists angry. They finally appeal the tax but after that there were more taxes and the colonists could not take this any more after so they would feather the tax guys and the Boston Massacre so the king had to appeal them all to avoid the deaths and harm of the soldiers. This also lead to the Boston tea party. This also made the colonist want to break apart from the British and become there own country America.

In 1776 very important people met including some of the founding fathers to make a very important decoration that declares independence for New america and declares freedom from British and makes them a New nation and they are all on there own. All 13 colonies signed it besides New York . This raged the British and the king was furious. This declared that Americans had there own America.

In 1783 the treaty of Paris was made declaring peace between the British for now and declares all of the rights that the Americans have and land they have now calmed and were they can not go to. this declared that the revolutionary war over.

In 1787 there was a constitutional convention and they wrote a constitution for America. They wrote all the main laws and there privileges, freedoms and what the government or law enforcers would do if they broke the laws. It tells about the three branches of the united States the judicial the executive and the legislative they all have power but in different parts so no one side could be to power full because the last thing they want another king. This made the new America stronger.

THE END..................


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