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How to Survive ISTEP Week

Today was the beginning of ISTEP for 7th grade and they began with Math. They will be taking tests Monday through Thursday in Math, LA, and Social Studies. The good news for Science is that they aren't testing, so we push on. We still have several topics to cover in life science and at least one more quiz before the schedule really fills up with events. Our students are full of spring fever and ready to be finished, but that's where we need help. Keep reminding them to do their best work and strive to be better. These same 7th graders will be 8th graders in a few short weeks.

How to Get to Google classroom (trying again)

I have had several parents who have been able to find their way into the google classroom to see the resources posted for your students. So paste the following link into the address bar and see if it leads you to Wallis 7th Grade Science Room. If you are asked for a code to join use y90slv6

Our Mindset Topic

We are working to better understand true collaboration and will be practicing the rest of the grading period.

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