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Our Career Treks take students into the heart of industries, exposing them to real-world careers. Through Career Treks, students have the opportunity to travel to explore and gain insight into their career fields of interest.

These unique, immersive experiences provide a behind the scenes look for students to engage with an organization, learn about various career paths, meet with Notre Dame alumni, and make professional connections.


Washington, D.C. | October 14-17, 2018

The Science Career Trek was an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of various career paths and available opportunities in the science industry through visits with several organizations. Seven students participated in the trek.

Students met with 15 local Notre Dame alumni and nine organizations to gain perspective on career trajectories in D.C., graduate school, and what career. options are available with a science degree outside of the medical field.

"This experience was so valuable. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering [going]. It was really awesome to be able to see so many different career paths. It was still so cool to see how the industry worked and to see the ins and outs. I was really surprised at what I was actually interested in and now feel that I have a better sense of clarity of what I want to do." - Ellie Olmanson, Class of '21

Public Policy & Government

Washington, D.C. | October 14-17, 2018

The Public Policy & Government Career Trek was an opportunity for students to explore several of the primary industries in Washington, D.C., network with a large number of Notre Dame alumni, learn how industries connect, overlap, and are distinct from one another, and gain more information to make an informed career decision about desired internships or jobs. Seven students participated in the trek.

Students met with 33 D.C. based Notre Dame alumni to gain perspective on making the transition from student to entry-level career professional in DC. Graduate school opportunities and long-term professional development were also discussed.

DC based Alumni Networking Event

"I felt that I walked away with a greater sense of clarity in what I want to do. And it really aided my discernment process in being able to picture myself in certain places. I realized that maybe think tanks aren’t for me, but there are also some other aspects of things [careers] that I hadn’t considered before that I can now picture myself working in." - Rachel Ingal, Class of ‘21


Los Angeles, CA | March 11-14, 2019

Students gained exposure to the many career paths available within the industry, learned first-hand the importance of networking, and were able to see the innovation and the technology being used to protect our country and push limits in space exploration. Six students participated in the trek.

38 LA based Notre Dame Alumni met with students to share a deeper perspective on the aerospace industry.

"This experience was particularly valuable because, not only did it grant further exposure to trends in the evolution of the aerospace and defense industry, it also showed another side of the industry as a whole in the role of a technology integrator which values ingenuity in how resources are used to create efficient, effective solutions." - Ryan Dixon, Class of ‘19


Chicago, IL | March 11

Students were shown a "real-world" perspective of the sports industry by visiting three organizations and companies in Chicago. They were given insight into what skills, attributes, and experiences employers look for when hiring for internships and entry-level positions, as well as typical career entry points and pathways. Nine students participated in the sports day trek.

Three Notre Dame Alumni took time out of their day to meet with students during the trek.

‘’The Chicago Sports Trek trip was an amazing opportunity that helped all of us gain connections within the organizations and also provided us the potential to acquire internships. Our leaders did a tremendous job preparing us for the trek and scheduling the events so that we could truly see everything the industry has to offer. The other students and I walked away ecstatic, and we cannot thank Notre Dame and the Center for Career Development enough for providing us the opportunity to potentially gain positions in our dream industries!" - Brendan Brady, Class of ‘21


Los Angeles, CA | March 10-14, 2019

The Media and Entertainment Career Trek was an opportunity for students to explore several of the primary career paths in the entertainment industry, network with a large number of Notre Dame alumni, learn how different careers connect, overlap, are distinct from one another, and gain more information to make an informed career decision about internships or jobs. 12 students participated in the trek.

30+ LA based Notre Dame alumni met with students to educate them about making the transition to Los Angeles, how to develop connections in the industry, and inform them about varied career paths in the entertainment and media industry. Outside of organization visits, students also participated in a young alumni dinner, a creative dinner with alumni, a panel discussion, and a pitch opportunity with alums.

‘The trek was the first time I realized that it's actually possible to take the leap and move to LA to pursue my dreams. It was inspiring in away I really can't describe. To know that there is a growing Notre Dame community in LA and a network of people ready to help was so comforting. I have pages and pages of notes and contacts, and I am so appreciative for how much I know it will help me in the future! Before the trek, I really didn't know much about how the industry works. The trek was like a massive crash course on the industry and I learned so, so much that I don't think would be possible anywhere else. I simply can't put into words how grateful I am for that experience." - Katie Mullane, Class of ‘21


Several opportunities

The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development offers different types of opportunities for exploration through day treks (one day) and semester break treks (three to four days).

An application is required to participate in a Career Trek.


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