H.O.L.Y The wonders of the world by: MAcie koeppen

Day 1- Today I got on a plane in New York at 2a.m on October 10, 2016 to head to Israel.

Day 2- After many hours on a plane I got lots of sleep to rest up to be able to celebrate the most important holiday for the Jewish called Yom Kippur that is today, October 11, 2016. From this holiday I learned what Jews do and this holiday and the reasons they celebrate. On this day Jews fast for total of 25 hours which leads into the next day and they spend most of their day at their worship place known as a synagogue where they pray intensely throughout the day.

Day 3- After visiting Israel and seeing everyone celebrate Yom Kippur I was more intrested in seeing other religions I decided to board a place to go to India to study one of the oldest religions ever, Hinduism, this religion is polythesistic, which means it as no single founder, no single scripture, and no commonly agreed set of teachings. However a cow is scared to Hindus as a symbol of mother, or the provider of any needs. This is important because this sacred cow many do not eat beef. For example during my travels today I experienced local culture when I went to a meatless McD.

Day 4- Today I boarded a plane to go to southern India to study Buddhism. This religion is based on someone known as Buddha. The people of this religion do not believe of him as a God, but as a man who achieved the ultimate spiritual life gained understanding of the world. They also believe in rebirth and karma so I decided to people watch today and see what they do if they do something wrong that may cause bad karma. The results were interesting. As I watched they I realized that they believe Karma as a way of life, struggle is real a part of everyday life.

Day 5- Yesterday after people watching I decided to take a rest and I took a flight to Islam to learn about the Muslim religion. I got to Islam at about 8:00 pm so I decided to rest for the rest of the day.

Day 6-Today I woke up at 10:00 am, so I decided to walk around and look at the Masques, but because is there sacred place I was not able to go inside, however I learned about the 5 pillars they live by which are, Shahadah: sincerely reciting the Muslim profession of faith, Salat: performing ritual prayers in the proper way five times each day, Zakat: paying an alms (or charity) tax to benefit the poor and the needy, Sawm: fasting during the month of Ramadan, and Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca.

Day 7/8- After learning about these pillars I decided to go to study Christianity. I went to the location of the death of Jesus, Gods son. At His death place there where many who prayed for him and seemed to feel closer to God when they where there however out of all the religions the Christians seemed to be the happiest people. They were smiling and laughing and spending time with there family. If there was any problem they would prat and then they seemed to feel more secure.

Day 9- After all the time traveling I decided to take a flight home to New York, it took 19 hours but it was worth it! :))


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