Odyssey Research/discoveries Cassy rodriguez

What was the Trojan War?
  • War between the Greeks and the people of Troy
How it began:
  • Trojan prince (Paris) abducted the wife of Menelaus (Helen)
  • Trojans refused to give her back
  • Menelaus persuaded his brother to lead army against Troy
  • Army: Achilles, Patroclus, Diomedes,Odysseus, Nestor, and Ajax (two warriors)
How it ended:
  • Greeks defeat Troy
  • Use large wooden horse
  • Trojans thought that the hollow horse was a peace offering
  • Rolled the horse inside their city
  • At night, the warriors that hid inside the horse emerged and killed all of the Trojans
Major players in the war
  • Menelaus (Greek): the husband of Helen; the the man behind the idea of the war
  • Paris (Trojan): cause of the war; captured Helen; killed Achilles; died by the poised arrows of Philoctetes
  • Diomedes (Greek): slaughteres a lot of Trojans; conducted successful night raid
  • Odysseus (Greek): clever; engineered the Trojan horse
  • Nestor (Greek): too old to fight but served as an adviser (sage)
  • Achilles (Greek): greatest warrior; kills Hector; killed by poison arrow in his only vulnerable spot (heel)
  • Agamemnon (Greek): supreme command of Greek troops; brother of Menelaus
How does the Odyssey relate to it?
  • Odysseus built the Trojan horse
  • Character in the book
  • Book is about his struggling journey back home after the Trojan war
Who is Homer?
  • Poet
  • The first to write epic stories
  • Little is known about him
  • People believe that Homer did not work alone in writing his famous epic stories

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