The Gift of Problems By: Katlyne, Jennifer, Ashlee, and Raivette

Child (0-15) Ashlee Tiger

My friend’s little brother, Hudson, has autism. The struggles he goes though on a daily basis are nothing like ours. He has trouble focusing on things, and he frequently loses his focus is VERY difficult. . He has trouble realizing what he saying most of the time. When he states certain things, some people may take offense, for he does not comprehend what he is saying too well. The benefit of his struggles is that he has a good photographic memory. His attention to details is outstanding.


Young Adult (16-30) Jennifer Alberson

I have an older sister who is dealing with a spouse deployment. Her husband left two days before Thanksgiving Day. She could not call him just send letters which is a slower process, contacting wise. She began being depressed during their separation. For some examples she now has to pay her own bills by herself, take more responsibilities, and earn more independence. The lesson of it all is a marriage can still last through separation.


Middle-Age Adult (31-60) Raivette Tom

My mom grew up in Orange County, California. Where if you become friends with the wrong people, it could lead to bad things. Well that's what happened to her she started to hang out with gangs and use drugs. One day she decided to turn her life around and quit. After she quit, she found out she was pregnant with me. A year after I was born, my grandma became sick from smoking too much, so we moved to Oklahoma. That’s where my mom met my dad (David) and became pregnant with my 2nd sister (Rita). Soon after she was born, my grandma passed away. The blessing is that if my mom didn’t decide to quit and my grandma wouldn’t have gotten sick my mom wouldn’t have met my dad and I wouldn’t have my sisters with us today.


Elderly Adult (61 and over) Katlyne Lewis

My grandpa was born in 1955 in June. He grew up in Oklahoma City and got caught with the wrong group of people. He started drinking and doings drugs at the age of 15 getting caught up in the city life. The lesson he found out that it changes your life greatly and is very hard to maintain a steady job. He has learned that later in life that it causes health problems later in life and he has tried explaining to kids that they should not say yes to other kids trying to force you into trying something that you know you should not.



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