Border Patrol By Levi Griffith

The US Border Patrol protects and serves America. The average salary of a Border Patrol Agent is between $40,000 and $83,000. Being a Border Patrol Agent has a many more benefits other than the salary.

You are required to have a Bachelors or Masters in criminal justice or have experience in other jobs. The main territory of the Border Patrol is present on the border between Mexico and Canada, but they are found near ocean ports. You can travel the US and still be in the Border Patrol.

Becoming a Border Patrol Agent does have challenges like the language barrier. However, if you are committed than you will overcome this barrier. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!

Antique Border Patrol Vehicle

There are many advantages to becoming a Border Patrol Agent. Your yearly salary can be as much a $83,000. I want to become a Border Patrol Agent because it is a job that is adventurous and has a very good paying salary.

Help keep our country safe!!!

It is a local career, and if I move I can keep my job. Becoming a Border Patrol Agent is a very rewarding career because it is both enjoyable and a high paying salary. Be a Border Patrol Agent and serve your country.


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