The ICA Flex-Shelf: Katanga Kampala, Uganda

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The ICA Flexi-shelf project is anUrban agriculture project based in the Katanga informal settlement. It was inspired by an elderly resident who uses her veranda to grow herbs and vegetables for her consumption. ICA saw an opportunity to improve the livelihood of this lady through design, by proposing a way in which her gardening space could be expanded to create a home garden, from which she could increase not only her food supply but her household income as well. The Flexi-shelf was designed and built by the ICA team in partnership with the resident, between January- April 2019. It was successful in it's initial goals for the first two months, providing produce for both consumption and sale. However, security quickly became a challenge, and neighbors began to steal from the garden. Therefore, ICA has decided to extend the ICA Flexi-shelf project to include various households within the settlement with the main aim of creating food security and a sustainable source of income.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: ICA (Initiative for Community Architecture)

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Our plan is to organize sessions / training seminars between the community and all stakeholders where we can start a dialogue on urban agriculture, the science of gardening, recycling of materials such as waste eucalyptus from construction sites, carpentry, etc.

PARTNERS: the Local Chairpersons (L.C's) for Katanga; The Rotaract and Rotary Club of Makindye; Makerere University Kampala; A Construction firm; The City Council Authority (KCCA).




ICA: Initiative for Community Architecture