Benti Nenka Washed Grade 1 - Hambela Wamena, Ethiopia

Quick Facts

Producer: Eyasu Worasa -who works with around 600 farmers.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Hambela Wamena, Guji

Elevation: 1,925-2,110 masl

Variety: JARC Selections & Indigenous Ethiopian Landraces

Process: Washed

Harvest: October - January


The Guduba coffee processing site is located in the kebele (village) of Benti Nenka, which is in the district of Hambela Wamena of Guji. The washing station was established in 2012 and run by Eyasu Worasa, a native of Dilla in southern Ethiopia, who has over 12 years experience processing coffee. The wet mill works with around 600 holder farmers who each own 1-2 hectares each.

Processing Information


The Guduba washing station utilizes the traditional underwater fermentation commonly used in Ethiopia. The coffee is fermented fully submerged in water for 36 to 48 hours normally, but the process can take longer. The water used for fermentation is changed frequently to keep the process clean and avoid off flavors. After fermentation the coffee is dried for 10-14 days on raised beds.

Regional Information

Coffees from Guji, in southern Ethiopia used to be mostly classified and sold as Sidamo. However, over the last decade, the region of Guji has been recognized more and more as a separate producing area (as it should be) and recognized individually for the quality produced from here.

Hambela Wamena is a district of Guji that borders the Gedeb region of Yirgacheffe. This area is known for its ripe cherry selection by farmers and good elevations.